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How Water Skiing or Wake Boarding to Music Improves Your Tricks

July 03, 2014 0 Comments

Boating and water sports are in my blood. From the time I was a little kid I would spend every
weekend on a boat water skiing or wake boarding, and trying tricks was just part of the game.
It was all about going big or going home, and a good crash was a must or the run wasn’t worth it.
When I was in high school my parents bought a new boat that was equipped with a tower and a great sound system so you could hear the music during your run.
It changed everything.
Listening to our favorite jams helped us to do more with our style and our tricks than we ever thought it could. This was especially true for my brother who started competing in wake boarding tournaments.
Here is how water skiing or wake boarding to music can improve your tricks.

GEtting pumped up

Pulling a big trick for the first time, or even the hundredth time, can be a scary undertaking. What we would do was to get the blood pumping by playing our favorite pump up music.
Now you may not think that getting pumped up would help, but most of the injuries and cashes we had while riding were from not going for it.
If you go for a big trick and only go half speed or you don’t commit you will get hurt. Rock’n music helped us stay safe by getting pumped!

it’s all in the timing

Doing a big trick is all in the timing. You have to watch your board, the boat, and the wake.
When it all lines up you can have a huge trick work perfectly. When you’re off you end up with a wreck that is almost as spectacular.
To help with the timing we would use music to keep our rhythm, and based on the music cues we would approach the wake and launch in to legend.

can you hear me now?

One of the biggest problems with using musicReally Waterproofed while water skiing or wake boarding when I was growing up was
that you couldn’t always hear the music, and if you turned it up your boat mates would go deaf.
But thanks to Underwater Audio and their waterproofed iPod shuffle I can listen to the music that
inspires me to go big and land my tricks without damaging my friends ears.

go and do

Well folks I have given you the biggest secret in learning and preforming water skiing or wake boarding tricks. Music makes everything better and you will see it as you train to music while doing your best tricks. If you have any other hints or helps leave a comment below.

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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