Former Swimming Olympian Faces 18 Month Ban

Unfortunately, Olympic swimmer Park Tae-hwan of Seoul, South Korea recently failed a blood doping test. As a consequence, he was given an eighteen-month ban from competing.

His public Apology

Olympic swimmer Park Tae-hwan3He seems very remorseful about the situation and recently came forward with an emotional response to the public.
“The FINA ban began retroactively the day of the positive test in early September and will expire on March 2, 2016… Park’s agency has blamed the results on an injection administered by a local hospital, which offered him free chiropractic and other treatments in July.”
If that is truly the reason for his failed test result, I feel really sorry for the guy. It sounds like it’s possible that he was unaware of the compromising effects of these treatments.
At any rate, the reports suggest that he is having a very “difficult and lonely time” and he sincerely expressed his regret to his fans who he has apologized to profusely. He did not want to let them down. He even was quoted saying, “I felt like dying,” describing his time since the incident.

Olympic swimmer Park Tae-hwan4Wishing Him Luck

In this type of circumstance, I feel it is important to be very forgiving of anybody in this situation.
After all, the mistakes made are in the past. It must be terrible to have your flaws highlighted in the media. What a difficult trial to bare.
I personally hope this guy pulls through his ban in good shape and does well in the future.

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