Best Fat Burning Exercise for Swimmers

I am always looking for the best way to shed a few pounds.
In a world where work is over rated and a pill should fix my problems and make me thinner faster, it’s hard to find something that can really help you shed that unwanted bit of fat.
That is why swimming and water exercises are so great. You can do them everyday and loose weight without the joint pain that often comes from working out hard core.
It’s hard to find a decent fat burning exercise. So, to help you along, here are some of the best fat burning exercises for swimmers.

swimming laps

So with these fat burning exercises let’s start simple.
Swimming laps is the most basic work out for the pool. Swimming is a full body workout that allows you to vary the pace and still burn fat.
It engages all your muscles and helps to increase your lung capacity.
To help increase your work out while swimming, try adding in sprints.
The more you push, the more you burn.


Now it’s time to pump it up a little. If you want to increase your fat burning potential during your swims, then try this:
At the end of each lap, tread water for a minute. I’m not talking just keeping your nose above water here… Oh no, I want to see your shoulder above the water.
Doing this will greatly increase your heart rate and help you burn fat like a furnace.
On a side note, it will also strengthen your core like you wouldn’t believe.

really pump it up

Swimming and treading water will burn calories and give you a great work out but if you really want to pump up your water exercise, then you need to add a drag.
A drag is a pocket or a tube that increase the amount of drag you feel as you swim.
Using a drag will make you work harder just to get the same work out in. It can really bump up your fat burning potential.

One last thing

The key to fat burning is to getspace-grey-faux-family-1024x563 out and do something to get your heart rate up.
To help you do this, you should pick up an Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle.
You can put all your favorite work out songs on it and take it wherever you want.
If you have any fat burning suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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