4 Athletes with Crazy-Intense Ripped Swimmer Shoulders

SWIMMER SHOULDERS. It’s a thing. Swimmers are notorious for having huge, bulky, massive, muscular, awesome shoulders.
Many have tried to replicate it. And many have failed. The thing is, there is nothing quite like a swimmer shoulder. It has a special tonality to it. It seems the only way to attain it is through excessive amounts of swimming. The type of swimming that pros do while training.
Today’s blog is to honor some swimmers with exceptionally, outrageously impressive shoulder muscles. Starting with:

Dara Torres

Dara TorresThis lady is a stud. And she doesn’t look her age at all.
That’s probably because she is so fit. She is a former Olympic swimmer and got fourth place in the trials at age 45.
She just barely didn’t make it that time. But the other swimmers were half her age. And it would have been her 6th Olympics. That’s really impressive if you ask me.

Ryan Lochte

LochteIt’s pretty much impossible to write a blog like this and not include Ryan Lochte. I know he is a bigger celebrity in the swimming world so it seems obvious to mention him.
But I mean, look at that guy. I think he qualifies for this list.
I gotta hand it to him. His shoulders are huge.

Taylor Lianne Chandler

Taylor_Lianne_ChandlerThis woman is a swimmer who has allegedly dated Michael Phelps. That is, according to the internet. Who really knows, right?
One thing is for certain though.
She has impressive upper body strength. There is a lot going around the rumor mill about the pair. But we are not here to comment on that. Just to compliment her.
This lady has some serious shoulder muscles.

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