Winter and Snow Sports: How Do Waterproof iPods Hold Up?

snowy mountainWell folks, it’s winter time again! And with that freezing cold weather comes wicked awesome snow!
I have been using my Waterproof iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio during my lap swims and it has been great! So, I thought, “Well, if my iPod is waterproof, why should I just use it in the pool?”
Inspired by winter, I went to the mountain to see how well my iPod shuffle did in the snow and the cold.
Here’s how it went:


Underwater Audio iced ipod shuffleWhile trying out my Waterproof iPod Shuffle in this new and different environment, I had some questions…
The first of which was, “Will my player stop working if it gets too cold?”
So, I did a very scientific test that was very difficult and time consuming… and by that I mean that I took my player and shoved it into the snow and left it for a few hours.
It was all very technical.
After a few hours, I pulled it out of the snow and although it was pretty cold, it had no problem playing music!

takes a beating and keeps on falling down

snowboarderThe next thing that I wanted to see was if my Waterproof iPod Shuffle could stand up to a rough landing.
Now, I don’t know anything about “rough landings” because I think I’m probably the best snowboarder that has ever been on the snow or a mountain or anything that is cold!
Okay that may be a lie.
Really I spend most of the time in a combination face, back, feet, face maneuver. After sticking the landing with my face, I noticed that I was still listening to music and the player was still in one piece!
Wicked hardy little player for sure!

music makes it better…maybe

snowboarderSo, when I started listening to music while swimming it really helped me to improve my timing and rhythm.
The final thing I wanted to know was if it could help me in a similar way on the mountain. The answer is yes! As I was tumbling down the mountain, I was in a much better rhythm!
Confession: it didn’t actually make me a better snowboarder (I may be a lost cause) so I gave it to my brother who is really good. I had him report his findings.
He said that he loved how it kept him in time as he flew down the mountain. I don’t know if he will ever give it back. He better give it back….
Anyway, music and snowboarding fit together like a glove!

One last Thought

images (59)In the end, I will tell you that the next time you head up to the snow and ice of the mountains be sure to pack your Waterproof Shuffle from Underwater Audio.
You won’t be sorry and you will feel like a pro boarding to the soundtrack of your own pro movie!
If you have any comments or thoughts, please leave them in the comment section below. Have fun and rock out!

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