Top 5 Places To Sail In 2015

Well gang, it’s here! August is upon us,and with that comes the hottest part of the summer.
When the heats got you down and the air conditioner isn’t cutting it, its time to get out of town and head to the sea! While your there find a friend with a sail boat and check out these top 5 places to go sailing this year!

# 5 Galapagos islands, Ecuador

download113Number 5 on the list of places to see while sailing the seven seas is the Galapagos islands.
These amazing islands that were once explored by Charles Darwin have some of the most amazing animals!
Whether your on the boat watching giant turtles and tons of fish swim by or on one of the many islands this trip will not disappoint.

# 4 Northwest Passage, Alaska

images (4)If a warm vacation isn’t your thing then its time to head North! Way North!The Northwest Passage was long hunted for by Europeans for years and was found in 1909.

If you want to feel like an explorer from the past, then then these frigid waters are for you.While there, make sure to look for some of the biggest wild life in the world! Whales and Grizzly Bears abound in this wild land!

# 3 Nile River, Egypt

download114On our next sailing journey let’s time travel! One of the oldest river courses in the world, the Nile!
This trip will take you through the beautiful warm lands of Egypt.
While sailing you will feel like the pharaohs of old commanding the water ways and passing some of the oldest structures in the world! Sailing doesn’t get much cooler than that!

# 2 bay of islands, new zealand

download115I am a huge nerd, so no sailing adventure is complete without visiting New Zealand, the land of the hobbits!
This area is known for its amazing shore lines and clear waters.
So if you want to experience the breath taking then head south and check out the bay of Islands and be the one boat that rules them all!

# 1 greek islands

images (5)We can blame Homer (the poet, not the Simpson) for our number one choice.
After reading the Odyssey by Homer I always dreamed of seeing the Islands and places he talked about.
Now that I’m older I can’t wait to call my friend and take a ship out to follow the trail of Odysseus on his journey home.
If you take this trip you will be transported to another time and place ruled by the Gods and the sea. So grab your toga and set sail for adventure!

One last thought

!@!!!silver!P1040412No matter where you go while sailing don’t forget to take your Underwater Audio iPod shuffle with you. It’s the only way to enjoy the sound track of your life where ever you go!
So set sail, see the world, and rock out with your Underwater Audio iPod shuffle!

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