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First we will cover basic care and wear instructions, then we will look at the different earbud styles. Use the buttons below to jump directly to different sections.

Care Tips

  • After each swim, rinse your Swimbuds Headphones under some fresh water. This will help get any chlorine or salt off (especially in the connector's area). Lightly pat dry Swimbuds Headphones with a towel.
  • Avoid extreme high and low temperatures. We do not recommend leaving Swimbuds Headphones in your car.

  • While removing headphones from a device, pull on the plug rather than the cord.
  • Store in a clean, dry location between uses.
  • Gently wrap cord between uses, avoiding right angle kinks. This will prevent wires from breaking.

Wear Tips

Swimbuds Sport, Flip, Classic, Color

  • Put on goggles.
  • Clip waterproof player to the back of goggle straps.
  • Slip the earbud and a bit of cord under the goggle straps before inserting earbuds for less drag and extra security.
  • For the most secure fit, make sure the earbud points straight up and the cord is secured under the goggle strap right above the ear.

Wear Tips

Swimbuds HydroActive

  • Headphones should rest on top of the ears the way glasses would.
  • Wear the headphone base as close to the back of the ear as possible.
  • If using goggles: Place goggle's strap on top of the headphones.
  • Tuck any excess cord under your goggle's strap to reduce drag.


Swimbuds HydroActive

Swimbuds Sport

Swimbuds Flip

Earbud Tip Styles

How to insert earbuds

  • If you were to insert into the right ear, use your left hand and reach over your head and grab the top of your right ear. Gently pull toward the ceiling. This will open up the ear canal so that you can directly insert the earbud.
  • When it is in let go of your ear with your left hand. This allows the ear canal to close over the ear bud and keep a good fit and sound.
  • With opposite arm, reach over head, grasp top of ear, and pull up.
  • With free hand, gently insert earbud tip-first into ear.
  • Do not push earbuds too far into your ear that you are unable to get out. Inserting too deeply may cause injury.





  • Trees: The tree buds come in a conical, flexible shape to provide a snug, watertight seal. Insert them like you would a pair of earplugs.
  • Fins: The long tail of the fin should point up to fit snugly behind the fold of skin at the front of your ear, and the curving side should be tucked into the lower edge of your ear.
  • Rounds: The classic bud shape is a comfortable watertight staple that will help keep your buds in during your swims. Gently insert them into the ear canal.
  • Ergos: The long tail of the ergo should point up to fit snugly behind the fold of skin at the front of your ear, and the curving side should be tucked into the lower edge of your ear.
  • Colors: Swimbuds Colors come with the options of round earbud tips or trees for the best fit. You can mix and match the earbuds and different ear wing sizes for 90 different possible combinations.

Make sure you are using the correct size of earbuds. Try switching out different sizes to find out which one works best for you. Everyone’s ear canals are different. As such, we understand that any earbuds will vary in their effectiveness across the board, especially when it comes to getting a waterproof seal. We guarantee that our customers will find at least one of the earbud types that work for them, with our headphones.

Don't forget about FitGoo!

FitGoo is designed to help fill in any nooks and crannies in your ear shape if needed. Some users find that the earbuds fit them perfectly, and some need a little extra help with getting a completely waterproof seal. If you do need some help, FitGoo is here for you! It comes included in some device bundles, but more can always be purchased on our site.

Do not use FitGoo with Ergos Earbuds

Swimbuds User Manuals

Swimbuds Sport User Manual

Swimbuds HydroActive User Manual

Swimbuds Flip User Manual

Swimbuds Classic User Manual

Swimbuds Color User Manual

Other Questions?

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