What Color of iPod Shuffle Describes You?

What color iPod describes you best? With so many colors it can be hard to choose what fits best for you. It may seem like a minor detail to some, but every color can evoke different emotions and has a different meaning. You decide which waterproof iPod shuffle fits you best!



The silver iPod shuffle is the most classic color out of the bunch. It’s said to be a color that is very cleansing and releasing for the mind and body. Silver promotes equilibrium and encourages stability  Silver gives off a lustrous shine which creates a pure, sleek presence. Unlike most of the others, the silver waterproof iPod has a black ring and play/pause button to give it a unique look. 

Pink Waterproof iPod


The red color is so vibrant! It’s definitely a color that stands out against the rest. The intense, energetic shade is known to raise human metabolism and increase heart rate! This could be great if you’re looking for a reminder to boost your energy level during a workout. Red symbolizes passion and drive. It is more of a statement, so if you’re ready to go bold this may be your color. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing such a bright little thing! Also all of our red iPods have the (RED) label which means by purchasing this, you’ll be contributing to raise money to go towards the prevention and treatment of HIV. 
blue waterproof iPod shuffle


What a fitting color for using in the water! Royal blue is quite the contrast from red, as it tends to slow down the human metabolism and sends your body into relax mode. Royal blue in particular symbolizes knowledge, power and integrity. It has a very calm and peaceful nature to it. Think of what you usually feel when you look at the ocean, or a clear blue sky. This would be great for someone who uses music as a way of stress relief.

gold waterproof iPod


At first, gold might remind us of wealth and luxury. However, the meaning goes deeper than just that. It also signifies achievement and triumph, which we may get from winning a medal from a race! It may be seen as a color of dreams and motivation. It is often associated with quality and a job well done.  It is a tone of richness and warmth. So if you’re “going for the gold” this waterproof iPod is perfect for you!


Hot pink is similar to red in that is in an intense and bold color choice. It makes a striking appearance and catches the attention of the eye easily. Hot pink tends to boost confidence and give a surge of adrenaline. Pink is usually thought of as a feminine color, but it doesn’t have to be! In Japan, pink and cherry trees in particular, are a reminders of fallen soldiers. A variety of athletes will enjoy the striking appearance of a hot pink iPod! 


space gray


A darker version of the silver, the space gray color is a very sleek option. It has a very cooling effect, as well as being very stable and constant. It has a similar feel to royal blue in that it is very calming, however it is more subdued than the brightness of the blue. There’s a certain understated intensity and sleek quality with darker colors such as gray and black. Apart from the silver iPod, it’s the only one with a black ring and play/pause button. 
You can find the perfect waterproof iPod for you here. So let us know! Which color of iPod describes you best? 

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