Our full line of AquaGuard hair and skin care for swimmers. Keep you hair and skin soft, healthy, and hydrated with AquaGuard!


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AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair DefenseAquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense
Save 157.00 NIS
AquaGuard Swimmer's Bundle
Sale price309.00 NIS Regular price466.00 NIS
AquaGuard UV Leave-in DetanglerAquaGuard UV Leave-in Detangler
Sale priceFrom 100.00 NIS
Save 104.00 NIS
AquaGuard Hair Care BundleAquaGuard Hair Care Bundle
Sale price196.00 NIS Regular price300.00 NIS
AquaGuard After-Swim Foaming Body WashAquaGuard After-Swim Foaming Body Wash
Sale priceFrom 109.00 NIS
AquaGuard After-Swim Everyday ConditionerAquaGuard After-Swim Everyday Conditioner
Sale priceFrom 109.00 NIS
AquaGuard After-Swim Gentle ShampooAquaGuard After-Swim Gentle Shampoo
Sale priceFrom 105.00 NIS