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The Best Basslines Playlist

The Best Basslines Playlist

The Best Basslines Playlist Looking for a playlist that satisfies the soul? Well, you've found it. This playlist contains the grooviest and heaviest basslines that we could find - a whopping 50 o...

did-you-knowMusic's Positive Effects on the Body and Mind

Music's Positive Effects on the Body and Mind

We all have songs that we absolutely love and can listen to on repeat.There are the songs that make you feel powerful and confident, the songs that you listen to when you feel sad or worried, the s...

MusicIndependence Day Playlist

Independence Day Playlist

Independence Day Playlist The playlist we have for you in this blog post is based on the on the American holiday which throws summer into full swing - the 4th of July, or Independence Day. On this ...

apple music'90s Playlist

'90s Playlist

“1990s” playlist This Underwater Audio playlist is all about the ’90s! Hearken back to the dearly departed age of neon windbreakers, Beanie Babies, and ski clothes that weren’t monochromatic. You m...

MusicMusic vs. Audiobooks vs. Podcasts

Music vs. Audiobooks vs. Podcasts

When you’re swimming, or exercising in general, what is your favorite thing to listen to? I personally hate doing anything without music. Music allows me to pace myself better and honestly, makes m...

New Year, New Me Playlist

Summon the strength to keep up with your New Year’s resolution by listening to this month’s playlist- New Year, New Me! This empowering playlist filled with classic hits and new finds is sure to ma...