Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me and every time I wish I could have remembered a little earlier to make sure the mothers in my life know how important they are! That’s why we’re giving you this gift guide a little earlier this year. You can find the perfect gift now, so you’ll just have to worry about the breakfast in bed and hand-picked flowers, or however you’ll celebrate, on May 14th. Did you get that? May 14th, it will come up fast.

For the Competitor

Does your mom love racing? I bet she has medals and bibs kept as momentos somewhere where they’re not easily seen. She can be reminded of her accomplishments and show them off to others with this race display with hooks for the bibs and for the medals. Running on the Wall has tons of variations other than the one shown and you can even customize it to put your mom’s personal motto on the sign.

You can find more of these cute medal hangers and even customize your own by Running on the Wall.


For the Swimmer

Waterproof Dephin Plays Spotify, Audiobooks & Podcasts

If your mom swims and trains in the pool (or in open water) there’s a chance boredom hits her once in a while. Your mom will love being able to listen to her favorite songs while she swims! The Underwater Audio waterproof Delphin has a long battery life and can be in the water the whole time. The Delphin bundle includes a waterproof headphones too, so she can get a good watertight seal while under the water with multiple earbud covers for a perfect fit. Music and/or audio books will easily take the monotony out of swimming laps.

No more boring laps with the waterproof Delphin Micro Tablet. It plays Spotify, Kindle audiobooks, podcasts and more. A woman in the pool pop up listening to the Delphin.

Swimming with a waterproof streaming audio player helps to keep motivation high during a workout.

Aquaguard Pre-Swim Hair Defense

Who doesn’t hate that tangly mess of hair post-swim workout? It’s a hassle to deal with and it could actually be damaging your hair more than you think. If your mom is a frequent swimmer, she’d probably love some Aquaguard. It’s pre-swim hair defense that protects against the harmful chemicals in the pool. It works as a leave-in conditioner so if she applies it a few minutes before her swim, your mom’s locks will still be silky smooth after she gets out of the pool. And it’s only $8 per bottle!

Aquaguard will protect from chlorine and keep hair smooth.

For the Foodie


Getting flowers is so fun, but the worst part is when they die and you have to just throw them away. What if your mom could snack on her bouquet though? It may not last as long but these creations from Edible Arrangements look beautiful and delicious! There are tons of arrangements and sizes to choose from, and you can send them for basically any holiday or occasion.

Edible Arrangements creates flower bouquets you can snack on.

Fresh Food Subscription Box

This is a great gift for people that love to cook but have trouble finding the time. Blue Apron offers subscription boxes of straight from the farm foods that are ready to be cooked once they arrive at your doorstep in refrigerated boxes. There are different packages varying on the amount of meals you want per week and for how many people. It’s an easy way to create delicious food fast!

Blue Apron will deliver farm fresh ingredients to your house in perfect portions for you to prepare.

For the Yogi

If your mom finds rejuvenation from spending some time her yoga mat, this carrying bag may be perfect for her! Especially if she goes to classes often. While a strap get twisted and fails to protect the mat from outside elements, this hand-made bag from To the Market will keep everything in place. Stylish and functional,  It not only holds a yoga mat, but it has a magnetic pocket to hold a phone and keys too.

This drawstring yoga bag by On The Market will keep everything protected and dry.

On a budget

Though we’d love to give our moms the world, we don’t always have the money to buy everything they would love! But sometimes the most simple things are what means the most. Here are a few ideas for those on a budget.

  • Take her on a hike
  • Clean the whole house
  • Make her favorite meal
  • Plant a mini garden in her yard
  • Take her to a movie she’s been dying to see

There are so many different way to show are love! I hope you find the perfect gift and/or way to treat the mother in your life this May. What are your thoughts? What has been your mother’s favorite gift for mother’s day?

No more boring laps with the waterproof Delphin Micro Tablet. It plays Spotify, Kindle audiobooks, podcasts and more. A woman in the pool pop up listening to the Delphin.

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