4 Tricks to Meeting Your Fitness Goals

It’s hard to get motivated about fitness. Which makes the goal setting/achieving process so daunting.
I understand and want to help! These strategies and tools will help you succeed in both working out and in life. Feeling more capable of achieving my fitness goals has helped me feel pumped up and excited again!
Now, I’m ready to attack my swimming and fitness aspirations full force!  I hope you’ll feel the same too.

waterproofipod1. CELEBRATE Fitness!

Buy some awesome new gear to commemorate the occasion. Something that you really like. Something that you can’t wait to try out. That’s the key!
My personal recommendation is an Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle … its all the new rage!
And it will transform your swim.
Choose something that’s especially comfortable… A cool yoga mat… An awesome towel that’s super soft and some beautiful new Nike cross trainers. If I have a new “toy” or “outfit” I get super excited about using it right away. Many people are the same.
A chance to wear your new gear may be all the incentive you new to get back to the gym and kickstart your new fitness phase.


Health Behavior Change Theories say that one of the best ways to stick to a new habit is to make goals so you can see how you are doing.
Making your goals realistic and measurable is key. You want to have progressive goals too so you don’t hit a ceiling.
For instance, your goal this week could be to swim 4 times. Then, you can move up to swimming for at least 40 minutes 4 times a week. Then, try doing that for a month straight.


Track your progress. Make a chart or a graph. Get a handy app. The key is to make a visual representation.
When you can literally see the progress you’re making, it’s very encouraging. It helps motivate you to get back in the pool consistently.


Reward yourself with little things when you meet small goals to keep yourself motivated. And have a big reward for a big goal you are working toward.
That way, it’ not over once you’ve reached any reward, there is still incentive.
But you also don’t get burnt out because there are little indulgences along the way. Tip: Make sure your chosen reward doesn’t sabotage your goal. If you goal is to lose 5 pounds, don’t reward yourself with a cheesecake when you hit your mark.
Think of it this way: if you were to quit drinking, you wouldn’t reward yourself with a drink after being sober for a month. Examples of great rewards: buy a new shirt, get a massage, buy a new book or movie!

It Really Works!

It may sound funny, but these strategies really work!
They are used by many health professionals.
So get ready to meet your goals because this time, it’s really going to happen!
If you have any extra encouragement and motivation to add, please let us know in the comment section.

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