Annoying and Rude Swimming Habits to Break #2

Let’s talk about what we should and should not do to respect our fellow swimmers at the public pool. It’s a necessary discussion to ensure that we all have a good experience.
After all, if you were doing something that was bothersome and you didn’t even realize it, wouldn’t you like to know? It’s better than being left in the dark. So, here are some tips on how to not be annoying or rude at the pool.

8The Band-Aid Crisis

Please remove all bandages before entering the pool or at least ensure that they are adhered tightly.
There is probably nothing more disgusting than encountering a floating, used band-aid in the middle of the pool. That’s just fowl, people. And gross. So, let’s not add to this problem.

All Adjusters, Move to the Side

If you are going to share the same space as someone, please be conscientious of how you use said space. For instance, if you are going to take a long break or adjust your swim cap and goggles for an inordinately long time, you may want to consider where you’re doing this.
Are you standing in the center of the lane? Probably not the most considerate option. You may want to scoot to the corner at the end of the lane.
After all that talk about annoying behaviors, you’re probably a little wound up. Are you feeling frustrated just thinking about it? I know I am. You know what could help with that? A nice SWIM!

Underwater ipodUnderwater Audio

So, grab your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle and head out to the pool. I know that’s what I’m about to do. Listening to music while I swim brings me to that extra level of relaxation! -Just what I need about now.
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