Why the iPod Shuffle is Perfect for Working Out

For most people, working out is easier and more fun when you have music to listen to! It’s proven to help with nearly any physical activity, as humans naturally follow a tempo. With so many mp3 players on the market these days, though, you might be wondering which one is best for your workout. You don’t want to have to worry about how your device is working when you’re trying to focus on your workout!



Fortunately, we have the answer. Underwater Audio uses 4th generation iPod shuffles because they are the perfect listening device for anyone on the go, especially for physical activity. There are a few reasons why the waterproof iPod shuffle is so ideal.

It’s Waterproof

First of all, the iPod is waterproof! This means tedious lap swimming just got a lot more interesting. It’s not just handy in the pool, though; that same waterproofing also protects against sweat. So no matter what type of workout is your go-to, it’s nice to have the assurance that your music won’t stop just because you’re out there working up a sweat. Your device would survive even if your whole water jug were to drench your gym bag with your iPod still in it!

Red Waterproof iPod



It’s Wearable

One of the great things about the shuffle is that the entire backside of it functions as a clip. This makes it easy to hook on to your pocket, swimsuit, goggles, bag, or whatever is most convenient for you. This means it won’t be sliding down your workout pants a half mile into your long run, and you’ll never have to worry about dropping it! It also helps that the device is so small. The iPod measures only a little over 1 inch each way, which allows it to go anywhere you do.




It does everything you need

Apple has developed some very flashy products recently (Apple Watch, anyone?), and I think the shuffle gets overlooked sometimes due to its simplicity. That same simplicity, though, makes the iPod shuffle a breeze to manage. There’s an easy option to shuffle all the songs on the device (hence the name), or to listen to a playlist you made either in shuffle mode or in order. The playlist support means audio books are also a great option if you prefer some literature. There’s also a convenient voiceover button which will audibly tell you what song/artist you are listening to as well as the level of battery. The battery lasts up to 15 hours between charging sessions and our model usually holds around 400-500 songs (depending on the file size).



The shape, function and mobility of the waterproof iPod all contribute to its use as a workout listening device. Whether you’re swimming laps, running cross-country, or whitewater kayaking, our waterproof iPod will stay with you and stay working the right way. Tell us what you think! Why is the shuffle best for working out?
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