Underwater Audio's 2019 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Swimmers

Underwater Audio's 2019 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Swimmers

The countdown is nearing zero with every passing moment and still, you can't find a gift. You've been searching high and low, wracking your mind, stressing and sweating about what on earth you could get the swimmer in your life. They already own a million bathing suits and towels -- what else is there?

If you're shopping for a swimmer, a triathlete, a beginner, a professional, or a lazy river rider, take a quick look at our Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide and I promise, you'll find something for the water-loving individual. 

The Gift of Music

Delphin Micro Tablet, for the need-it-all athlete ($220+)

The Delphin utilizes an Android operating system and a touchscreen, as well as both WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities to take waterproof listening to the next level. Now you can wirelessly download and sync your favorite apps, then hit the water while listening to your Spotify playlists, Pandora Premium offline station, Audible audiobooks, podcasts, and more!

SYRYN, to introduce swimming with music ($60-$90)

The SYRYN MP3 player brings drag-and-drop simplicity to the pool. Outfitted with 8 GB of memory, you will enjoy as many as 2,000 of your favorite songs while you swim with an optional shuffle mode. Lightweight, and equipped with a contoured 360 swivel clip, the SYRYN attaches comfortably to any goggle strap. Operation is simple, even mid-stroke. Use the 3 large raised buttons to play, pause, skip tracks and make volume adjustments easily as you swim.

Swimbuds Flip, for the music-lover ($40)

For the music-loving individual looking for an upgrade or a spare headphone, we at Underwater Audio offer Swimbuds Flip. With reinforced cords, an L-jack, and Underwater Audio's signature waterproofing, Swimbuds Flip may be the most durable headphones on the market. With a short-cord, these headphones fit not too small, not too big, but just right on the back of your swimmer's head when combined with one of our underwater music players. 


Swimbuds Flip Waterproof Headphones

Swimbuds Sport & Swimbuds HydroActive, for the premium listener ($70-90)


A step up from Swimbuds Flip, Swimbuds Sport & Swimbuds HydroActive are built with the latest technology in the waterproof headphone world. To learn which might be the best ones for your swimmer, check out our comparison module. Surely, you'll find one that'll provide the gift of music for your swimmer, at a premium level.

Swimbuds HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

Limited Quantity Available

Waterproof iPod Shuffle, for the Apple-Loving individual ($185-$345)

The Waterproof iPod Shuffle is a sworn necessity for swimmers and active individuals alike. Sleek, light-weight, and fully waterproof, it has all the features one would need for music listening beneath the waves. With its easy functionality and 2GB of storage, it is a great enhancement to any workout and an easy transition for the Apple-Loving individual in your life.

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