Smartphone Apps to Aid New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year resolutions is one thing, but keeping them is another. Most of us make them with every intention of keeping them. But life often gets in the way of them and prevents us from following through.
But technology and smartphones have made it much easier for us! There are thousands of free apps available for you that will keep you accountable and make it easier than ever to keep all those resolutions!


Running_Man_Kyle_CassidyThis is one of my personal favorite apps. It keeps track of your entire workout: distance, duration, current pace, calories burned, speed and elevation.
It also has a route tracker that shows you the exact route you ran during your workout. You can link it to any and all social media accounts if you like (such as Facebook/Twitter) and you can even email it to yourself.
It has “Site Integration” where you can go on the actual website and store all your historical workout data on “MapMyRun”. This app helps me stay on top of goals, challenge friends, join groups and stay connected to our online fitness community.


Lose_weight_nowAnother great app is the Lose It! app. This helps you track your daily calorie intake. You set your goal weight, and it tells you the exact amount of calories you should eat per day in order to reach your goal weight by a certain date.
You can scan the barcode of the food you’re eating and it will tell you how many calories per serving it is. You can also search for food and restaurants, by their names. It’s a one stop shop!


This app helps you organize and manage all your bills in one easy place. It sends you a text and/or email reminder when it is time pay your bill.
You can securely manage and monitor all your finances, household bills, travel rewards, magazine subscriptions and healthcare accounts. You can also add and manage any personal or small-business account, like your rent, babysitter, dog walker, and more, on the “Custom Accounts” feature.


Yellow Waterproof iPod Shuffle
The Speedo Fit app is a must for all swimmers. This helpful app does it all. It lets you see your progress, giving you a summary of your swim stats, keeping track of your total distance and swim activity and shows you how much you’ve improved each weekend.
It logs each swim, tracks your distance, duration and sets. It allows you to set goals and track them to stay motivated and accomplish them. It also has a really cool section where it allows you to discover pools in your area!
You can use the search feature to discover local pools and see where others are swimming. You can save your favorite pools—so you’re never far from a great swim spot. Don’t forget to grab your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod before heading out to your favorite pool!

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