Best Swim Workout Routine to Keep You Fit

Swimmer underwater

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I love to swim. It’s a great work out that doesn’t beat up my joints.
But I have to say that after a while, swimming the crawl is kind of boring.
So what is a swimming enthusiast, like my self, supposed to do?
Because when your workout doesn’t excite you, you stop trying as hard as you should.
So, I went online and started to look at routines for swimming and improving my workout. Let me tell you what I found:

time to warm up


So, this is something that I was really bad at doing… When I am about to swim laps, I tend to just hop in and freestyle on my merry way.
I am learning that this isn’t the best thing to do. Without a warm up, you can strain or hurt yourself.
So, here is a warm routine for you so you can start your workout right. Start with some pool side stretches and some arm windmills to get limber and ready for the swim.
Then, hop in the pool and begin with a 100 meter freestyle and then do 100 meters using a kick board so that you warm up your legs.
After that, use a pull buoy for 100 meters so your arms are ready to go. At this point, you are all warmed up and ready to get serious.

we’re here to pump you up!


backstroke swimming

Photo by Terren

Now that you’re warmed up, let’s get going and really workout!
When it comes to your main workout, it’s important to push yourself but simultaneously maintain your form and technique.
If you are going faster than your comfort level, you are going too fast. That means you’re not getting all the benefits that you would receive by focusing on form more than speed.
For your main workout, try the following: Start with a 600 meter freestyle sprinting every other 100 meters. Then, 600 meter back stroke. Next, 400 meters each of the butterfly and the breaststroke (making sure to keep your form in line).
If you think that is too easy, then try this in between each stroke change: add a minute of treading water with no arms while keeping your shoulders above the water. This workout will strengthen all the major muscle groups and make you tough as heck!

cooling down is the best


Whenever you workout and get your blood pumping, the one thing you never want to do is just stop.
Your body needs to cool down and slow its pace. To do this, let’s finish the workout with a nice, easy 200 meter freestyle. Your speed should be slowing down the whole time.
Remember to really work on extending your arms and kicking smoothly.
When your all finished, be sure that you stretch out so you don’t end up with cramps or really sore muscles.

one last thought

Really WaterproofedThis is just a suggestion for a workout so please feel free to change it up. Whatever works for you!
Remember to take your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle with you whenever you’re swimming.
This will help you keep up the pace and you can even choose songs that let you know when to switch exercises.
Underwater Audio is letting you take the soundtrack of your life wherever your life will take you. And the freedom feels amazing! If you have any comments please leave them in the space below.
Swim fast and have a blast!

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