Replacing Earbuds with Swimbuds

images (52)When it comes to listening to music, sound quality is key.
Really good headphones can cost quite a lot of money and you have to be careful with them. You cannot take them out in bad weather.
Earbuds are a little more hardy but you often loose a lot of good sound quality.
So, what is a sound connoisseur to do?
Well, that’s easy. Go to and order a set of the best earphones on the market. They are the exception to the rule. Don’t believe me? … Here are 3 reasons why Underwater Audio’s Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones should replace your normal earphones.

i can take it!

images (53)Alright… reason number one: these headphones are tough as heck.
They take a beating and just keep on going.
I have 2 kids. One is 6 and the other is 3. They have used my set of Swimbuds headphones as everything from belts to dog leashes. These swimbuds have been stepped on in the middle of the night.
They have been left in my pocket and survived the spin cycle. These headphones just keep right on working and sounding great.
These headphones are going to last.

feel the beat

Like I said before, with many earphones out there you loose a lot of sound quality. Especially in the bass.
With Swimbuds Headphones that’s is not the case.
Because of the way they are built and fit into your ear, you don’t loose any sound quality and you get great bass tones out of it!
With these headphones, you can listen to music the way it was meant to be heard.

I can go anywhere you can

Blue Splash with LogoThe third, and probably the best reason to switch to Swimbuds Headphones is that they are waterproof!
That’s right folks… these headphones go anywhere you do.
Whether it’s the pool, or lake, or even the ocean, Swimbuds can take it.
No more worries about your headphones going out on you while you’re running because it starts raining. Just keep on going.
Now the soundtrack of your life can go anywhere life takes you!

One last thought


I have owned a lot of headphones over the years but nothing compares to the experience of using these headphones.
The freedom they give is just awesome. So, leave those other earphones at home and get yourself some Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones.
You won’t regret it.
If you have any comments please leave them in the comment section below.
Rock out and swim fast!

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