7 Reasons Why You Need Waterproof Earbuds

We spend a lot of time talking about all the advantages of owning an underwater waterproof iPod, but what we often overlook is the accessories that come along with it.

Swimbuds and HydroHarmony Waterproof Headphones

Underwater Audio Swimbuds and HydroHarmony Waterproof Headphones

So let’s look at 7 reasons why you need waterproof earbuds!

1. Swimming

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The most beneficial reason you should own waterproof earbuds is so you can listen to music in the pool.
Whether you’re swimming leisurely or participating in an intense training session, waterproof earbuds will allow you to listen to your favorite music underwater, no matter what the activity is.

2. Sweat Proof

Waterproof earbuds are also sweat resistant.
So, you can use them while you go for a jog and not have to worry about sweat interfering with the sound quality or running the headphones.

3. Shower


You can use them in the shower!
You can grab your waterproof iPod paired with waterproof headphones and enjoy your favorite music in the shower, without disturbing anyone else in your house.

4. Every Day Use

A great thing about waterproof earbuds is that you can use them in your everyday life.
The can be used as regular headphones, around the house, or when you walk your dog. They are multi-functional headphones.

5. When it Rains

If you are hardcore when it comes to your workout regime and don’t let the weather keep you from missing a day, then you need waterproof earphones.
You can use them in the rain! If you have ever tried going for a run in the rain and used regular headphones, chances are you quickly realized they don’t work well.
Your ear will either fill with water, the headphones will constantly fall out, or worst case scenario, they break from getting filled with water. Having a pair of waterproof headphones prevents you from all of the above happening to you. Not only that, it makes your workout much more enjoyable.

6. Better Sound Quality

A big advantage of waterproof headphones is the quality of sound.
Seeing as they are made to be used underwater, they were constructed to have a tight, crisp sound, so you can enjoy them in the pool.
It’s also true for using them out of the pool.

7. Last Longer

Waterproof earbuds will last longer than regular headphones. If you own a pair of regular headphones, you’ll probably agree that their shelf life is relatively short.
Causing you to run out and buy a new pair every couple months. But waterproof headphones are made to endure harsher circumstances, so they are built better therefore lasting much longer.
These are just 7 of the countless reasons you should own a pair of waterproof swim buds!

Tell Us!

What are some reasons you have for owning waterproof earbuds?
What are the benefits you have found?
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