4 Music Products Worth Their Weight in Gold

For all you music enthusiasts out there, I have just the thing for you!
Or, shall I say, things (plural). The following list includes the best music accessories currently available on the market. These music products are worth their weight in gold!

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Red Waterproof iPodThe Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle is so worth it. It’s worth the cost, it’s worth the ship time, it’s just all around worth it.
I hadn’t realized exactly what I was missing until I got one. The ability to listen to music underwater is definitely worth this product’s weight in gold. It’s such a peaceful and simultaneously exhilarating experience.

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Pro

images (52)The Underwater Audio Swimbuds Pro are the best fit of any earbuds I have ever used. Not to mention, the sound quality is amazing. And you can wear them whenever and wherever.
Do you happen to be at the gym in the most hardcore workout session of your life and sweat is dripping down your forehead? No worries- these earbuds are sweat-proof.
Do you feel like going for a cool down swim? No worries- these earbuds are pool-proof. Are you considering walking home in the rain? No worries, these babies are rain-proof.
And they sound just as good if not better in the water.

Egg Beats

This egg shaped iphone speaker-dock is compact and easy to travel with. Yet, it produces a high volume projection and the sound quality is really good.
It is perfect for day trips and social gatherings. I have grown really fond of this little thing. It really is worth it’s price and much more.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you enjoy singing in the shower, this little device is a serious game changer. No longer do you have to sing a cappella.
Now, with this awesome, waterproof shower speaker, you can have the accompaniment of some background music.
This speaker fits nicely on the wall and does not impede into your space.
I appreciate its compact nature since my shower is rather small.The fact that it is bluetooth makes it even more convenient. This particular device has provided me with a ton of entertainment.

Which One Would You Buy?

Which of these awesome music accessories would you purchase? Which do you think would bring you the most entertainment?
Do you already possess any of the aforementioned items? What is your appraisal? Leave any comments in the section below. We are anxious to hear your opinion.

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