Perfect Gift For Swimmers: AquaGlide Swim Cap

Are you stressing over what holiday gift to get for your swim enthusiast this year?
It can be hard finding the perfect gift for swimmers.


Not to worry! We have it all figured out for you… And we’ll even take care of the gift wrapping for you, if you want.
We not only spend all December looking for the best swim products, but all year! Everyday! So you can trust us when we say, “This swim cap is THE BEST!”

AquaGlide Swim Cap

aqua-glide-silicone-swim-capNot only is it sleek and cool, it is top quality too!
Comfort meets utility and style in this black, hypoallergenic, silicone swim cap. Perfectly designed in an ergonomic fashion to give you functionality, durability, and a great fit!
It has a dimpled surface on the inside, which is a totally awesome, super convenient feature! These dimples act as a gripping agent, guaranteeing a no slip experience.
Not to mention, the handy tab on the back of the swim cap. Which is located in just the right spot to grasp easily and adjust the fit. No more fussing or fighting for comfort.
And did we mention there’s a specific compartment for your ear? Why isn’t this on every swim cap? This definitely keeps the ears protected with just the right level of pressure and snugness.
It’s all the extra little considerations and details that make this our favorite swim cap ever!
We know that your loved one will agree. Even if you already have a swim cap, it never hurts to have a spare. Or an upgrade, in this case. It really is the perfect gift. Beat Santa to the chase and grab an AquaGlide swim cap here:

It truly is the perfect gift for swimmers!




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