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AquaGlide Swim Cap


Comfort and utility combined. This silicone swim cap has a dimpled surface on the inside for grip and a tab on the back to grasp while adjusting the fit. Thoughtful details like these make this swim cap stand out.

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Product Description

You’ve never tried a silicone swim cap like this before!

Specially designed for added comfort and utility, the Aqua Sphere swim cap is constructed of high grade, hypoallergenic silicone.

The ergonomic design distributes grip all over the head and comfortable ear pockets prevent slipping and overpressure on the ears. Two-year manufacturer (Aqua Sphere) limited warranty.

What you get: 1 swim cap – black (one size fits most)

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  1. Glenda Leach

    I love my water proof iPod! I train for hours at a time in the pool and it is so much more enjoyable while listening to tunes. Also, I bought the geeky looking swim cap and it has worked out great too. Once it is stretched over your head the relaxed area that goes over you headphones and ears is more comfortable and disappears so it looks like every other swim cap, just more comfortable and more water proof.