How to Make Waking Up Early Easier

We all know that one person who wakes up every morning before the sun does, and couldn’t be happier about it. Let’s face it, though, for most of us (even if you’re a morning person) waking up early can be hard. I have some tips to help you wake up early by invigorating your mind and body so you can start your day right.


Oh, the dreaded sound of the alarm. If your alarm clock lets you choose the sound, try ditching the default alarm and try using something more pleasant for you! I know I wake up feeling irritated when I use the typical “firetruck” alarm. My favorite is a soothing sound, but make sure it’s loud enough to get you out of your dreams!  You can also try using some of your favorite music (but pick something with some energy).
Another good tip is to put your alarm somewhere out of arm’s reach. That way you’ll have to get up anyway, and are more likely to turn it off than to press snooze. This Clocky Alarm Clock runs around your room beeping until you catch it and turn it off!

alarm clock



Lemon Water

After sleeping all night, your body needs some hydration (this is also a reason your urine might be a little darker in the morning). A great way to get some liquid in you while also getting a boost of energy is to drink a glass of water with some lemon. This will get your body feeling great, and should give you a little mental clarity to get rid of that dream grogginess. And just another plus, lemons have a good amount of vitamin C!

lemon water



Cold Shower

Ugh, right. When does this ever sound appealing first thing in the morning? But a little time in cold water can do wonders for your body and mind if you’re trying to wake up! Cold water pumps up your adrenaline and gets your blood flowing, helping you shake that morning “fuzz”. But none of these benefits matter unless you’re brave enough to try it. I recommend starting with 30 seconds to a minute of cold water, and if you’re dying by then, turn up the heat a little. That should help shock you awake without too much discomfort.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s rest will make a huge difference in your ability to wake up early. For adults, you should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to get full benefits from sleep. When you wake up during your sleep cycle is also important. Check out this sleep calculator by sleepyti.me  to figure out when the optimal times are for you to fall asleep and wake up. That way you won’t be trying to pull yourself out of the middle of a sleep cycle.


These tips should help you get up and moving for your next 5 am practice, early shift at work, or long car ride. Share your thoughts! How do you like to wake up in the morning? What helps you get moving?

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