Brazilian Swimmer Cesar Cielo to be a Father

There is some really great news circulating about Brazil’s most successful professional swimmer, Cesar Cielo. It has been announced that he is expecting a child and will soon be a father.
His girlfriend, a Brazilian model named Kelly Gisch. is pregnant! The couple have been together since 2012. And if genetics have anything to do with it, this is bound to be a pretty great looking child.

CesarCieloWHAT’S NEXT FOR Him?

People are now wondering what this development means for his career. Will he continue to pursue pro swimming?
This question looms more than ever as the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics dangles in the near future.
The swimmer is 28 years old and although that is young in the general population, in swimming, it could go either way. It’s difficult to say how many competitive years he has left.

kelly_gisch-1132What’s Next For Her?

For that matter, while we’re on the subject, what about her career? Will she continue to model?
I imagine that she will have a hard time making it down the runway in just a few months. Perhaps some maternity shoots are in her future.
And then what?
It certainly could go either way. There are many mommy models out there. I guess only time will tell for this power couple.

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