9 Reasons to Love Swimbuds Fit

#1 The sound

Let’s be straight here, getting good sound underwater is a challenge. There’s the electronics component, which is historically not a love match with water. A lot of design elements that work to create amazing sound above water simply will not work when wet or submerged. Then there’s the fact that water distorts sound waves. That’s why even a little leak in your underwater earbuds destroys sound quality.
Swimbuds Fit have excellent sound underwater. Honestly, even for audiophiles and sound snobs, it’s pretty listenable. And with the design elements listed below to keep your fit customized and secure, you’ve got great sound throughout your swim.

#2 The short cord

When we first began swimming with music and audiobooks, we realized what a pain traditional headphone designs were for swimming: the long cords either dragged around you and got snagged as you swam, or you had to bundle them up and tuck them under a goggle strap or swim cap and hope they stayed there through your flip turns.
To eliminate this problem, we drastically reduced the length of the cords on our Swimbuds. With the short cords and a waterproof audio player attached to your goggles, we found swimmers experienced less drag and less snagging. That means a smoother swim with fewer interruptions. The Swimbuds Fit follow in the path blazed by our original Swimbuds and have a short cord designed to reduce drag while allowing enough length to fit any size head.

#3 The extension cord

We know our customers have a variety of preferences. They wear their audio players in different locations or for different activities, and we wanted our audio players and waterproof headphones to work for all of them. Thus, Swimbuds Fit include an extension cord. If you want to keep your player in a pocket, attach it to a swimming suit, or strap it to your thigh, you can still use your Swimbuds Fit and be confident that any moisture you run into won’t interfere with your sound.

Enjoy lap swimming by listening to music underwater with the Syryn waterproof MP3 player. Have fun and swim longer with music and audiobooks. Everything you need to get started. Order your Syryn Bundle now.


As you may know, we’ve developed a variety of earbud tips for our waterproof headphones. Our goal is to make sure that everyone can find a style that suits their ears and their activity, which is no small challenge for waterproof headphones. The style that typically has the best results for creating a waterproof seal, and the one we recommend most for lap swimming, is the tree-shaped tip.

Most people find it more comfortable than traditional flanged Swimbuds tips, and they tend to get consistent, watertight results.
Swimbuds Fit include small, medium, and large tree-shaped earbud tips. So the odds are pretty good that you’ll be able to find some combination that works for you. They come with the medium trees pre-fitted – this our most widely successful size of our most widely successful earbud tip.

Fitting Waterproof earbuds

Fitting headphones correctly is a lot more important when they’re going to be worn underwater. Taking a few extra moments to do it the right way can make a big difference in the sound and stability you experience. We recommend the following:
First, insert the earbuds the way you would an earplug. Reach over your head to pull up gently on the top of the opposite ear to open the ear canal. Insert the earbud completely so that the tip is pointed toward but does not touch the eardrum. Let go of your ear, and allow the ear canal to close gently over the earbud.

Finding the right size

A tree earbud tip is too small for your ear if it goes in so deeply it touches your eardrum, or if it leaks when your head is submerged even when it is fully inserted. You’ll notice there are three sections on the earbud tip. If the largest section doesn’t fit into your ear canal (e.g. it’s fully visible even when the earbud tip is fully inserted) then they’re too large and you’ll need to try a smaller size. As with other issues, contact our customer service team if you have questions or concerns about this!

#5 The memory wire

With the memory wire attaching the earbuds, the shape of your ear won’t interfere with the wires to shift the angle of the earbud. Once you insert the earbud tip the way we described above, you can actually change the shape of the headphones so that your earbuds can keep the angle that works best for you. Just insert the earbud, then hold it in place with one hand while, with the other, you bend the memory wire to put the ear hooks in place.

#6 The moldable ear hooks

Ear hooks provide stability and security for earbuds, but traditional ear hooks are inflexible and end up interfering with the watertight fit needed to listen to music underwater. With Swimbuds Fit, the ear hooks are moldable. Insert your earbud, hold it in place, and mold the ear hook over and behind your ear so that it fits securely against your head. The memory wire lets the earbud tip keep the ideal angle and the ear hooks provide that additional stability, absorbing the tension from gentle tugs on the cord as your adjust your player.

#7 The warranty

Water and electronics are a pretty unstable mix. To be frank, pretty much anything in water doesn’t last very long. Underwater Audio has a two-fold attack for this problem. First, we design our products to last as long as possible. And second, we fully stand behind our warranties. With Swimbuds Fit, we guarantee they’ll work optimally for you for a full year. If, for any reason related to their manufacture, they don’t hold up? We’ll replace them for you.

#8 The color

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I like swimming to music, but black cords look so much better than white,” Swimbuds Fit have your back. After all, black goes with everything AND it’s slimming, right??

Swimbuds Fit at pool with iPod

Look how happy he is about his black Swimbuds Fit cord!

#9 The price

Swimbuds Fit could easily be our best deal on waterproof headphones. We’ve managed to combine some of the absolute best features from our full range of waterproof headphones. We’re not only proud of the result, we’re thrilled to be able to offer them at a competitive price.
Swimbuds Fit

Enjoy lap swimming by listening to music underwater with the Syryn waterproof MP3 player. Have fun and swim longer with music and audiobooks. Everything you need to get started. Order your Syryn Bundle now.

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