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Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones

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Swimbuds Fit waterproof headphones use a revolutionary method of construction to create the most customizable headphones yet. Flexible memory-wire allows you to adjust not just the exterior shape of the headphones, but also the angle at which they enter your ear, ensuring the most watertight and comfortable fit possible.

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Product Description

Bends to Your Individual Needs

Memory wire and headphones are an obvious match. Add the functionality of being completely waterproof and there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a great swim, run, wave, or other adventure.

Favorite Features

  • Our innovative design features memory wire over the ear AND memory wire to hold the earbud tip in place. No matter what shape your ear may be, Swimbuds Fit will let you find the right angle and keep it.
  • Long cords are a swimmer’s nightmare. The Fit headphones come with a short, 17-inch cord which, when plugged in to a music player attached to goggles or a swim cap, reduces drag and increases security. A 3.25-foot extension cord is also provided.
  • Designed to withstand depths of up to 3 meters*, for as long as you care to keep them under water. These headphones exceed the IPX8 waterproof standard.
  • Swimbuds Fit come with no cardboard packaging! Our reusable case means less waste, less frustration, and less time involved in unwrapping your new headphones and getting them into the water.
  • The gold-plated standard 3.5mm jack is compatible with iPods and most other music players.
  • The Fit Headphones come with a 1-year warranty


Swimbuds Fit come with two kinds of earbud tips:

  • Tree earbuds go deep into the ear canal to provide a firm watertight seal. They block out sound completely, and are perfect for swimming laps in noisy public pools. With 3 different sizes, these earbuds work best for most swimmers.
  • Mushroom earbuds are designed for casual use. They do not provide a watertight seal while underwater. They are well suited for everyday wear and for all of your favorite land sports.

What you get:

  • One pair of Waterproof Short Cord Fit Headphones
  • 1 FREE 3.25 foot Waterproof Audio Extension Cord (black)
  • 2 types of eartips: 1 pair or round eartips for comfort and 3 sizes of tree eartips for swimming
  • 1 Fit Headphones case

* For safety reasons, these and all underwater earphones that create a tight seal should not be used below 10 feet.

This purchase does not include an Underwater Audio waterproof iPod.

1 review for Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    Roxanne Darling

    I really wanted to like these. My first impression was terrific sound quality. But after using them for over a month, they are erratic and I can’t get them to play at a steady volume. It’s not easy to describe. I swim in an Endless Pool where there is a steady current. I do a range of nontraditional strokes facing in to the water – a combination of swimming and water aerobics. I wear a snorkel and mask.

    Even when my head is perfectly still, the sound will drop out in one ear or the other. Very often, when I get the adjustment just right, the sounds fades out to a dull muffle in a few seconds. Almost always, if I barely touch the little knob on the ear piece wire, it gets loud, but disappears as soon as I let go – as if there is some weird connectivity issue. They seem to be firmly placed in my ears – they don’t come out – but the sound values are all over the map, mostly too low.

    I have to adjust them constantly and it’s made the swim time irritable – though I LOVE my underwater shuffle! I’ve gone back to the freebies that come with the shuffle – they’re not great but far more reliable. If you have any suggestions, I’m “all ears” to keep trying.

    • Nicholas Moen

      Hey Roxanne, it sounds like the wiring is starting to fray inside your headphones. This happens with any wired earbuds if they’re consistently twisted or kept in tension for too long – I myself have lost several pairs of (non-waterproof) earbuds to this kind of thing. It could be the result of drag on the cable from your endless pool, or from storage – do you tend to keep your headphones coiled up when not in use, or leave them in your pocket while moving around? The worst offender is coiling them tightly around something – I used to keep headphones wrapped around my phone in my pocket and I would go through a pair every couple months.

      In any case, Swimbuds Fit has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please send an email to help@underwateraudio.com for more information.

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