A Guide to Swimbuds Bluetooth Headphones

A Guide to Swimbuds Bluetooth Headphones

First introduced in the 2017 Kickstarter campaign for Delphin, Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones have become a force in the waterproof headphones market. Featuring full-fledged Bluetooth connectivity, waterproofing to an IPX8 degree, and dedicated buttons for volume, skipping tracks and taking calls, it's no surprise that they've been one of our most asked-about products since before they were even released. You might have questions about them yourself - Should I purchase them in a bundle? How should I use them underwater? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this article.

Ways to Purchase Swimbuds Bluetooth Headphones

There are three different ways to purchase Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones. You can purchase Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones with a Delphin, as part of a Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch, or in a runner's bundle that includes a Swimbuds Gripi smartphone armband.

Delphin Bundle

If one of your primary intended uses for Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones is to swim with them, then the Delphin bundle is the bundle for you. Delphin, which is available in 8GB and 16GB models, is a waterproof micro tablet that features a touch screen, external buttons for playing and skipping tracks, a rugged design, and a clip that you can use to attach it to goggle straps. You can listen to your own MP3 or AAC files on the device, or you can use subscriptions to popular apps like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and Audible to listen to tracks offline while underwater.

It should be noted that Bluetooth signals and water don't play well. The Bluetooth signal dissipates if the two connected devices are more than a couple centimeters apart. Because of this, when you swim with a Delphin and a pair of Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones, the Delphin should be clipped to your goggle strap as close to the right ear of the headphones as possible.

Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch

Do you already own an Apple Watch and want to to listen to music from your watch while you swim? We created the Swimbuds Bluetooth Headphones Kit for Apple Watch specifically with you in mind. This kit contains everything you need to bring your watch into the pool: a Clipi spring-clip attachment to attach your watch to your goggles (available for 38mm, 40mm and 42mm models), all of the earbud tips available with any variant of Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones, and of course, the headphones themselves.

Similar to the Delphin bundle, the signal between an Apple Watch and Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones will only work if they are less than a few centimeters apart. As such, when you swim with an Apple Watch and Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones, clip your Apple Watch to your goggle strap as close to the right earbud of the headphones as possible.

A key feature of the Apple Watch is the biometrics. If you plan on using the Apple Watch kit, keep in mind you are losing that function, since the Clipi removes the watch from your wrist and puts it on the back of your head. Use our Lap Tracking app for the Apple Watch to get lap tracking audio feedback in real-time while you swim. The Lap Tracking app by Underwater Audio for the Apple Watch will also transfer the data to Apple Health.

Running Bundle

Of course, it's not required to use these headphones in a pool. Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones can be used in as many ways as other popular wireless earbuds, with the added comfort of knowing your headphones will keep working no matter how much it rains, how much you sweat, or how often your friends try to push you into a river when you're out for a hike (I'm looking at you, Garrett).

If you're looking to take a rugged pair of waterproof headphones with you on the road or trail, the Swimbuds Bluetooth Headphones Running Bundle is the way to go. The headphones will come with a Swimbuds Gripi armband that features 270-degree base rotation for portrait or landscape viewing, an adjustable velcro strap, and a stretchy, flexible rubber grip that will be sure to fit any non-folding smartphone, no matter the size. Make sure you cinch up the cord keeper in the back to keep the headphones snug to the back of your head to keep bounce to a minimum. 

Get it Goin'

So how do these bad mamma jammas work? When you get these, you'll want to charge them to full charge. It's important to note that Swimbuds Bluetooth need to be fully dry before charging. After you know they're all charged up, make sure you have the earbuds that fit your ear the best in. There's nothing more annoying that when you get out on the trail or hop in the pool to discover that your tips were a little too big and jump out of your ear. Take a few minutes and try all the options. If your earbuds ever get grody (no judgement here), you can wash them with some warm water and dish soap.

Now you're ready to pair to your phone. Same as before, this is a lot easier when you're not in a hurry, so doing it at home for the first time while you still have the manual is the easiest. Controls are intuitive and explained in great depth in the manual.

The only other bit of setup before you get out and movin' in our groovy blues is the memory wires. Ears are weird. We get it. So we made loops designed to go up and over your ears. This loop is made of some killer stuff called "memory wire" that you can bend to your whim to fit any ears. If you have little ears, we got you. Big ears? Awesome. Upside down ears? It's all good. The memory wire, although very customizable, needs to be bent past where you want it to be and flex back into position. 


These headphones are versatile. They work great for anything from wake boarding to running. Using them in different environments means customizing the way you use them to fit the activity. For example, Swimbuds Bluetooth aren't buoyant, so when surfing or kiteboarding, for example, make sure you find a way to keep the headphones attached to yourself for those dicey crashes or when you get totally, radically pitted. We find that a simple and cheap way to stay connected when you go down is to take a long lanyard (one you trust won't break) and, using the cord keeper, create a loop in the back of the headphones, similar to when you're running. This should give you a good 12" of lanyard you can attach to your wetsuit or life jacket. 

Enjoy lap swimming with the Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet Music Player by Underwater Audio. Have fun in the pool listening to Spotify, Audible and more. Order your Delphin now. A man who just climbed out of the pool smiles while listening to audio.

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