Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included)
Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included) Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included) Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included) Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included) Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included) Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included)
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Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Not Included)

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Listen to music from your smartwatch underwater - and simultaneously, with our Lap Tracking App, hear real-time feedback on lap times as you swim! This bundle contains an Uku wireless audio receiver and MP3 player (or Swimbuds Bluetooth  headphones) with 1-year warranty, a Clipi in either 38/40 mm, or 42 mm for the Apple Watch (series 2, 3, or 4), and your choice of headphones: all waterproof, all the time. Note: Only Apple Watch series 2, 3, and 4 are waterproof. The Clipi does not provide waterproof protection to an otherwise vulnerable smartwatch.

    Also includes USB to 3.5 mm charge/sync cable for Uku (or Swimbuds Bluetooth charging cable). Plus, with every Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch, enjoy these free gifts!
    • 1 oz travel container of AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (US only)
    • Download a 30-minute audio swim training guide by Olympic gold and silver medalist Rebecca Soni

    Lap Tracking - Clipi Required

    Click on the badge below to download Underwater Audio's Lap Tracking App for Apple Watch:



    Confused by which waterproof headphones would be the best fit for you? Well, we've got you covered! Below is a brief description of each headphone to help make your choice a little bit easier.

    Swimbuds Flip - Our innovative design enters the ear from the optimal angle for comfort and sound isolation. Long cords and bulk are no friend of the swimmer. The Swimbuds Flip headphones come with a short, 17-inch cord. When plugged in to a music player attached to goggles or a swim cap, the short cord reduces drag and increases security. The "L" jack design provides better durability, and protects against cord breakdown.  A 3.25-foot extension cord is also provided for extra length when you need it. Our silicone tree ear tips provide a suction fit and sound isolation comfortably. When inserted into the ear the water tight seal will enable a secure fit. Includes a free 0.5 oz tube of FitGoo to help get your fit as comfortable and watertight as possible.

    Swimbuds Bluetooth - Swimbuds Bluetooth waterproof headphones are capable of connecting to your Apple Watch wirelessly - no headphone cord needed! As a headphone jack is not needed for the Swimbuds Bluetooth kit, the Uku is not included.


    Uku and Swimbuds, Swimbuds Fit, and Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. For more information, visit our warranty page.

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    Swimbuds Freedom --- newbie and jury is still out

    I think it is important to differentiate between the purchases so customers know which product is being reviewed. After speaking to the very helpful customer service person I decided to purchase the Swimbuds freedom. I have only swan with them 4 times to-date, so it is still a work in progress. Each time gets a little better. The thing is figuring out which tips will give the best fit. Also, it is a challenge to get them positioned into the ears so 1 - they are water tight and 2 - they aren't too painful. I would have liked the package I bought to include the FitGoo to maybe help with the seal. As it is the music goes in and out as I turn my head in the pool. This last time I managed to keep both left and right streaming music most of the time the entire swim - which was a first for me. Pulling them out was a relief, though I wasn't really aware that they were so uncomfortable except when putting them in and taking them out. I sort of wish I had gotten the package with the Uku so that I could track my laps. I bought my Apple Watch so that I could swim with it and did not realize that it needs to be on your wrist to track activity. The customer service person did tell me that I couldn't wear it on my wrist when I was quizzing him...I just did not realize why I might want to do that. u I do love listening to music while swimming and I understand the difficulties involved. I just wish it weren't such a process to get every just so to listen.


    Game changer!

    Like most people, I like to listen to music or podcasts while exercising for motivation, but swimming was always a silent activity due to the lack of underwater audio solutions. The swim buds kit is a game changer and has allowed me to do longer swimming workouts and spend more time in the water without being bored! Tip: try out the different ear tips to get a good watertight seal, it makes a big difference in sound quality. Also, as the lap tracking app isn’t very accurate, I have resorted to wearing the watch on my wrist and clipping the Uku onto it while keeping the wires in place with an armband, which works adequately if I am swimming at a moderate pace. Very satisfied with this purchase.

    C. Hulsey

    Absolutely Amazing

    Being able to listen to music while swimming laps is absolutely THE best thing. The mp3 player is easy to work. Works great on its own, and seamlessly integrates with Apple watch. I received the basic headphones with the device, and was a bit concerned about its ability to stay in my ears while I swam; but there were no issues whatsoever! I went from swimming 16 lengths in a workout, to 31. THANK YOU Underwater Audio for this!


    Being able to use

    Being able to use my apple watch to listen to music as I swim is FANTASTIC. The Clipi holds it securely on my goggles, and the Uku is a piece of cake to use - paired beautifully, navigates simply, and since I loaded music onto the Uku itself, if I get sick of what I'm listening to on the apple watch, it just takes a blind push of a button to switch to my preloaded music. Love it!