UKU Troubleshooting

General Help

How to Wear your Uku

  1. Attach your Apple Watch to the Clipi.
  2. Pair the Uku and Apple Watch to each other. Once paired, keep the Uku and your Apple Watch no more than 2 inches away from each other for best Bluetooth connection.
  3. Play desired music through your Apple Watch.
  4. Put headphone earbuds securely in ears, worn to their specific wearing instructions.
  5. Clip your Uku and Apple Watch in the Clipi firmly to the back of your goggles, with headphone wires underneath goggle straps.
  6. Plugin your headphones into the Uku headphone port, press play and enjoy.

Caring for your Uku

  • After each swim, unplug the headphones and rinse the Uku and its headphone jack under some fresh water. This will help get any chlorine or salt off.
  • Only charge the Uku as needed.
  • Do not charge went wet. (This is the most common cause of battery related issues.)

Using your Uku

  • With the Uku you can control your music and more with the simple four external buttons
    • Play/Pause: To turn on, hold 2 seconds; Uku will enter wireless mode automatically. press once to toggle. To turn off hold 2 seconds, red LED will flash and turn off
    • Next/Volume Up*: Press button once to move to the next audio track.
    • Previous/Volume Down*: Press button once to move to the previous track.
    • Function/Shuffle: Press once to toggle hold for 1 second to toggle Play in Order and Shuffle modes
  • Lights will flash to indicate function:
    • Flashing blue and red: pairing in progress
    • Rapid blue flashes: pairing successful
    • Blue flashes: playing in bluetooth mode
    • Blue double-flashes: paused in bluetooth mode
    • Red flashes: playing in mp3 mode
    • Solid red light: paused in mp3 mode

* To activate volume mode, press and hold 3 seconds . When volume controls appear, use volume up and down to adjust volume.


Uku WiFi/Bluetooth Help

  • When turning on the UKU, hold the power button down for two seconds. The lights on the UKU will begin blinking rapidly, and you may then be able to connect to your other device (this may be common with iPhones.)
  • Move the UKU and your desired pairing device closer together. They must be less than 33 feet (10 meters) away from each other.
  • Make sure your desired pairing device is in discoverable mode.
  • Power your desired pairing device off and on again, and then make another attempt to pair.
  • If the UKU has previously been paired with another device, find that device and power it on, and then choose to “forget” the UKU.
  • Charge both the UKU and the desired pairing device.
  • Update your desired device’s firmware to the latest version.

Pairing Help

Sound Issues

  • Check the headphone jack for debris and gently remove any you find with a toothpick. Debris in the headphone jack (lint, etc) will prevent a connection between the UKU and the headphones or charger cable.
  • Make sure the volume is turned up. To do so, press and hold the + button until it reaches the volume level you prefer.
  • Try using different headphones. This will help you determine if the headphones are the problem with the lack of sound you are hearing.
  • Make sure that the files on your UKU are MP3, WMA, or WAV. If you have other variations, such as CDA, WPI, or AAC/M4A your files will not play.

Button Issues

  • Turn off player by pressing and holding the Play/Pause button for 2 seconds.

Uku Not Recognized 

  • Try a different port on your computer, e.g., if you are using a desktop, try one of the USB ports in the back.
  • Make sure the USB cable has completely entered the UKU. The black plastic ring on the USB cord should come into direct contact with the gold ring on the UKU (this may require a small amount of force).
  • If you use an extension cord, make sure it is capable of carrying a charge. Test the UKU by taking off the extension cord to charge from the USB cable alone.
  • Make sure your computer is on and not in ‘sleep’ mode. On a laptop computer, often the computer won’t charge in sleep mode. With your computer fully active, plug in the UKU and wait for a minute to see if the light comes on.

Tracks Don't Play in Desired Order

  • Manually write the desired ordering placement into the beginning of the track name. For example, renaming tracks to 01_africa.mp3, 02_timeaftertime.mp3, and 03_jukeboxhero.mp3 will force the SYRYN to play the songs Africa, Time After Time, and Jukebox Hero in that order. (If you have over 100 songs, label them with 3 digits: 001_africa.mp3, 002_timeaftertime.mp3, etc.)