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Our Favorite Apps to use with the Delphin

Is your favorite app here?

This article is an ongoing project and will be updated as new apps are released and old apps are updated to be compatible with the Delphin.

We are continuously compiling a guide to the best apps that you can download for the Delphin. Do you have questions about a specific app? Email us at and our team can check into it for you!

Android Apps available on the Amazon Appstore are generally compatible with the Delphin.

Any subscription prices we have mentioned below are subject to change at their App’s discretion. We are mentioning them here for your convenience. We will try to keep them updated, but Underwater Audio is not responsible for, and does not profit from, any of these apps.


Here is a link to our in depth App Guides for some of our most popular apps!

Essential Apps:

Amazon Appstore

This is the most important app to download on to the Delphin. The Amazon Appstore is needed to download any apps on to the Delphin! If you need help downloading this app, click on this link, give our Customer Support team a call at 541-623-0202, or email us at We will be happy to help you get started!

Apps included with your Delphin purchase:

Lap Tracking, Remote Connect, Help, Pi Music Player, Firefox

(More information on each app in the guide below)

A note about all Streaming Apps on the Delphin:

With all streaming apps, we recommend downloading the song, book, or podcast you wish to listen to prior to swimming. This will ensure that the file will be able to play without WiFi as you swim. We also recommend connecting the device to WiFi at least once a month so the apps can verify your subscription and continue to work!

Music Streaming Apps:


A fan favorite app! If you already have a Spotify account, downloading music onto your Delphin is a breeze!

If you don't have Spotify, you should consider it! It is an easy way to create playlists, find music, and get the music you love to listen to into the pool with you on the Delphin.

To use Spotify on the Delphin, you will need a paid subscription to a Spotify account that allows offline listening: Either the $9.99/mo Individual subscription, or one of the Duo $12.99/mo, Family $14.99/mo, or Student $4.99/mo accounts will work.

A free membership will not be able to play offline while swimming.

Also, we have a guide for how to use Spotify on your Delphin here.


Pandora is one of the oldest Internet radio apps in the game, and it has a devoted base of 75 million users, which is the largest of any music streaming app.

Just like Spotify, for offline listening, you will need a paid subscription to a Pandora account that allows offline listening: Either the Plus $4.99/mo (limited stations), $9.99/mo Individual Premium subscription, or $14.99/mo Family subscription will work.

A free membership will not be able to play offline while swimming.

We have a guide for how to use Pandora on your Delphin here.

Apple Music

Apple Music is not the same as iTunes. If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can use the Apple Music App to listen to your purchased iTunes music.

However, you don't need the Apple Music App to listen to iTunes music on your Delphin. To download your iTunes songs, you can plug your Delphin into a computer and Drag and Drop files into the Music folder on the Delphin. You can then use one of the MP3 Apps listed above (Pi, BlackPlayer, VLC) to listen to your AAC files from iTunes. Files purchased before 2009 will be protected and therefore not useable on the Delphin.

There is a workaround for this, however, it requires you to delete your purchased files and then redownload them from Apple. This process can be tricky. Feel free to contact Apple for more information for how to do this properly.


Tidal is a music streaming app that offers Hi-res music, meaning you can get a lot higher quality music sound than on other streaming platforms. Audiophiles will prefer Tidal as it offers lossless streaming.

Tidal comes in at $9.99/mo, or a Family plan at $14.99/mo, Students at $4.99/mo, and offers Military and First Responders a tier at $5.99/mo.

The HiFi sound quality plans are $19.99/mo, or $29.99/mo for a Family plan, $9.99/mo for Students, and $11.99/mo for Military and First Responders.


Napster is a music streaming app similar to Spotify and Deezer. It has a wide catalog of music over 40 million songs, and over 3 million users.

Napster has 2 tiers that offer offline listening and will work for swimmers in the pool. The $9.99/mo Premier plan and the $14.99/mo Family plan.

Amazon Music

Amazon’s existence in the music streaming world is definitely a layered one, and a little difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to.

If you’re someone who just wants to listen to music that you’ve already purchased through Amazon, you can do that in this app for free.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can stream from a limited catalogue of music (around 2 million songs) and download and listen to those tracks offline.

But if you want more, you’ll need to purchase an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, which will give you full access to the Amazon Music catalogue (around 25 million songs), curated playlists, and the like.

Downside: Amazon’s music streaming service is only available in the U.S., Canada, Japan, India, some of Europe, and a handful of other countries. So if you live outside of their service countries, you might be better off trying something like Spotify or Deezer.

Price: $9.99/mo for Unlimited, $12.99/mo for Prime, or limited use included with $6.49/mo Prime for Students.

Apps for downloading your existing MP3 libraries onto the Delphin:

Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is an app that plays MP3s and other audio files that you have stored on your Delphin. It features a layout that’s easy to navigate on the Delphin's screen. It’s completely free, and it has a very high reviewer rating. It is included with the Purchase of your Delphin at no extra charge.


This is an alternative app to the Pi Music Player app that is included on the Delphin. It features a minimalist aesthetic, lots of customizability, and like the Pi, an equalizer. It's also totally free.

VLC Media Player

An old but gold standard. VLC media player is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.

Audiobook Apps:

For a long time, our customers asked for a device that could play Audible. Most MP3 players couldn’t do it, so us audiobook lovers were stuck, but no more!

Audible is available on the Delphin but does require a subscription or membership. Similar to Amazon Music, there are many different tiers and prices based on your current level of use with Amazon.

You will need a level that allows you to download audiobooks and podcasts for offline listening to be able to listen to Audible in the pool. We recommend checking into your current Amazon membership to see which option is best for you! We can tell you that one level of membership is $14.95/month and gives you one credit a month and access to the Audible Plus catalog.

We have a guide for how to use Audible on your Delphin here.


Download audiobooks through your local library. No charge for books or monthly subscriptions. Check with your library to see if they offer Overdrive with your library membership.

We have a guide for how to use Overdrive on your Delphin here.

Podcast Apps:

The Great Courses

The Great Courses is an Amazon app that allows users to listen to lectures from various professors around the world.

Similar to a podcast, but with a more intense focus, it is like taking college classes on topics ranging from travel to economics, science, music, and fine arts.

The tiers for the great courses run at $20/mo on the monthly plan, $15/mo on the quarterly plan, and $12.50/mo on the annual plan.

See Audible, Spotify, and Pandora for some other podcast options.

Meditation Apps:

Deep Meditation

This is a great app to use if you want to leave your phone behind to minimize distractions while you meditate. It has lots of free content to access while you have internet access. Great for doing meditation at home!

However, if you want to be able to download content for offline listening you will need to upgrade to the paid subscription service at either $10.99 a month, or pay it yearly at $34.99 which breaks down to $2.92 a month!

Other Apps:

Lap Tracking

The Lap Tracking app is designed in-house by our engineers and allows you to track your lap counts, time and calories burned. When used in conjunction with one of our waterproof headphones, you will be able to hear your workout details in real time! This app also allows you to create customized swimming workouts, which is useful if you don’t know what to work on next.

If you download the companion app on your phone, you will be able to view your workout information and review it. The Lap Tracking app is (in our opinion) every swimmer’s dream!

Remote Connect

A very useful app designed in-house by our engineers and updated regularly. This app is on your Delphin and is available to download for free on your phone’s app store. It connects your phone to your Delphin through WiFi and allows you to use your phone’s keyboard to type on your Delphin.

Incredibly helpful for setting up your Delphin or using apps like Audible, Overdrive, Spotify, or Pandora where the smaller keyboard on the Delphin may be difficult for some to navigate. It also helps blow up your Delphin’s screen to your phone’s full size to make reading certain pages on your Delphin easier (such as selecting titles on Audible).

Here is a video explaining the Remote Connect App.


Our homemade app to help you. The Delphin Help App acts as a quick link guide and troubleshooting resource for your Delphin. It is also where you will go to download any apps and check for updates!


A standard internet browser for anything you might need. Included to help download APKs if needed.


Zello, in its simplest sense, is a walkie-talkie app that is typically used between two phones to communicate using Wi-Fi instead of cellular service. It’s proven useful for any reason one might want to communicate with a walkie-talkie, including communicating during natural disasters, but we at Underwater Audio realized that downloading this app might enable someone at the side of the pool to speak to a swimmer with a Delphin, so we tested it, and it works beautifully. A coach can use this app on his or her phone to give directions to a swimmer or even to a group of swimmers simultaneously - as long as each swimmer has a Delphin!

Special Requests:

Apps that can work on the Delphin, but need a little extra help.

These apps can be used on the Delphin but require extra work to be set up on the Delphin by using an APK. If you need help, or would like these apps downloaded for you, please either email us at or if you have not purchased your Delphin yet, consider adding the Setup Service for $20 so our team can load them onto your Delphin before sending it to you.


Deezer is another music streaming alternative to Spotify and Pandora. With the APK it works great on the Delphin!

Subscriptions for Deezer are $9.99/mo for Premium, or a Family account at $14.99/mo. Deezer also offers Student and Annual plans.


This app works great on the Delphin along with the other two audiobook apps. However, Blinkist takes a unique approach to audiobooks. Blinkist provides summaries of primarily non-fiction books. Providing a brief overview of a book in about 10-15 minutes.

This subscription service comes with a yearly subscription rate at $99.99 per year (about $8.34 a month) or you can do the monthly subscription for $15.99 a month. The membership with the service allows you to listen to content without WiFi if downloaded prior to going offline.


This app is a great option for audiobook listeners on the Delphin. This app will allow you to download the books you have added to your library via your computer or smartphone. The Delphin, when connected to the internet, will sync with your other devices and remember where you left off, and allow you to match up where you are in your book prior to your swim.

Chirp is not subscription-based. You purchase books individually which for some slower listeners may end up being the better deal than another service such as Audible.


Stitcher has very specific rules for what types of accounts can be used with the Delphin.

If you have a Stitcher account that was created using either your Google or Facebook to log into the account, you will not be able to use it with the Delphin. You will need to create a new username/log in with your email address. Any accounts using only an email address to log in should be compatible.

However, we would also like to note that Stitcher was purchased by SiriusXM, who owns Pandora as well. They have added all of Stitcher's podcasts onto Pandora's service, so you should be able to access them if you have a Pandora account.

Apps that are not currently compatible with Delphin:

We have tested some apps that are not compatible with the Delphin.

These apps are the ones we know about:


YouTube Music


Podcast Addict (may return soon!)



If we learn of any updates to make them compatible with the Delphin again, we will let you know!