Top 5 Outdoor Water Sports to Use Your Swimming Music Player

There is nothing quite like participating in outdoor water sports. Not only are you doing your favorite activity for exercise, but you get to be in the great outdoors! You get to bask in the openness of mother nature.
What can be better?


I’ll tell you what…
These days, you can use a waterproof swimming music player for any water related sport. Here are the top 5 outdoor water sports ideal for using a swimming music player: swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, wake boarding and surfing.


The number 1 sport to use a waterproof audio player is swimming. Even though it’s such an obvious choice, it doesn’t mean it should left off the list. There was a study conducted showing the benefits of listening to music while swimming. Two groups of swimmers were tested, one group was given an underwater swimming music player, the other group was not.
The results of the study show when swimmers listened to the music, their average 50m swim times improved by .32 seconds. In addition, when listening to the music their 800m times improved by 6.5 seconds on average.


Another sport to use a music player with is kayaking. Though your body isn’t physically in the water, it
wouldn’t be wise to use a regular music player while kayaking.
If you were to have a slight accident, or tip over and fall in the water your music player would be ruined. But if you brought your underwater audio player and you it got wet, it wouldn’t be a problem!

stand up paddle boarding

Paddle boarding, better known as Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the hottest new outdoor water
sport. It also happens to be the perfect sport to use a swimming music player.
SUP is a very intense workout and sometimes listening to music is exactly what your need to give you that little extra push and motivate you to finish your workout.

wake boarding

Wake boarding is also a physically demanding water sport and having music alongside you can make all the difference in the world.Wakeboard
Imagine the pleasure to be on the open water, spending time with friends… while enjoying some cranked-up tunes that are distributed just perfectly and caressing your eardrums through a sharp, high-caliber sound system… That would be an awesome time!

water skiing

And lastly, water skiing is a fan favorite in the world of water sports. It is much like wake boarding and paddle boarding in the sense that it’s very physical and you need to be extra focused. It’s a full body workout and due to its difficult and precise nature, it can be overwhelming at times, especially if you are just starting out. And listening to your favorite beat driven, motivating song will help you relax and focus and actually help you improve, rather than getting frustrated and giving up.
These are only 5 of the countless water sports you could use a waterproof swimming music player with. The possibilities are endless and so are the benefits of purchasing your very own music player!

The key to focusing

As amazing and calming it can be outdoors, it can also be distracting depending on the environment or the sport you’re doing. You may be lucky enough to be able to focus on your water sport in peace and quiet, or maybe you are in a more crowded and noisy environment and need a little help focusing.
Fortunately for you, there is a quick and simple way to fix this. You can purchase an underwater swimming music player and listen to your favorite music and songs while enjoying any water sport!
What outdoor water sports do you enjoy most?
Tell us about them!

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