Saturday Swim Exercise: Legs

It’s common knowledge that swimming is a wonderful workout for your entire body.
But it’s also a great workout for targeting different areas of your body such as your legs. Let’s look at some different exercises that would make for a great Saturday exercise in the pool!


SwimFins_02For a little challenge and extra toning, try using fins. This can make a significant difference in your workout, no matter what swimming style you’re doing.
Fins increase the amount of water that your legs have to move in order to kick. This results in you needing to use more energy and force to get the same job done. If you want to give your legs a more intense workout using the same drills that you would use for a normal kick, try adding fins.
There are different types of fins (long or short) which will increase the resistance of toning your legs. If you’re a beginner, try starting with the short fins and work your way up to the long fins.


You can use a kickboard to focus directly on your legs. This is also a great exercise to do if you are new to swimming. Kickboard
Hold the kickboard in front of you with your hands to increase your buoyancy. Kick near the surface of the water, breaking the surface slightly without intense splashing. Use your entire leg, including your hip flexors, to move your body in the water.
An extra perk of kickboard drills is that it also works your abs. When you’re using the kickboard, it requires you to hold your abdominals tight to keep your body straight.


Another great way to target and tone the legs is to do leg exercises that are similar to exercises you’d do at the gym. One in particular is called, “Making Tracks.”
Imagine you’re standing with both feet inside railroad tracks. Keep your arms by your sides, then lift your right knee up forcefully and step over the right track, putting your foot down outside of it. Repeat this move with your left leg. As your left foot lands, squat down and raise both of your arms to the sides.
Stand up, lower your arms, and reverse the motion, this time stepping inside the track. You can start slowly at first, and speed up as you do more reps.
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These are just a few of the hundreds of swimming exercises you can do to tone your legs! Don’t forget to grab your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod filled with your favorite songs to motivate you and keep you going through your swim workout!
What are some of your favorite swimming exercises for your legs?
Tell us in the comment section below!

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