Best Winter Sports for 2014

I have always been a fan of extreme sports. Anything that was fast and dangerous …
Growing up, I was always doing summer sports but when winter came, I was stumped.
How could I get my fix when it was all snowy? Sure, I could go snowboarding or skiing but where is the fun in that?
So, I started looking for the wildest winter sports I could find.
Here are some of the wildest sports for you to try out this winter.

Fat biking is In!

Nothing beats flying down the muddy back forest trails of the world but what does one do when the world is covered in ice?
Well that’s easy, get a Fat Bike. Fat Bikes are designed with snow in mind.
They have overly large, low pressure tires so that you can fly down those snowy trails without sinking or wrecking.
Ok, maybe wrecking a little. But if it was totally safe, where’s the entertainment?

who wants some ice?

Ice sports are pretty crazy. Sliding on blades for speed is nuts.
To heck with skating…let’s go climbing!!
That’s right folks… There are people out there who are crazy enough to harness in and use spikes, axes and ropes to conquer huge ice glaciers and mountain passes.
If just climbing the ice wasn’t enough already, you also get to enjoy freezing temperatures, wind and lack of oxygen as well.
So, why try to conquer the ice this way? Because the views are spectacular!

how about some SKIING?

I know that I implied that snow skiing is boring but if you’re going to do it, might I suggest adding some fun to it?
How about base jumping along the way? This is a trend that is not for the faint of heart.
Here’s how you do it:
1) First, learn to base jump. Do it a few times so you know how to pull your shoot and when to do it.
2) Next, get a shoot and some skis and find a big cliff. Race down the top of the cliff at super speed then jump and fly/fall as the world goes by.
3) Last but not least, pull the shoot and stick the landing.

One last thought

Please don’t try this on your own. If you want to do some extreme sports, be sure to get the best training you can.
Be safe and have fun.
Oh and don’t forget to bring your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle.
With great sound quality and a small design, you can now take the music anywhere you go, from the mountains to the oceans.
Have fun and be safe! Please leave any comments you have below.

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