Swim Your Way to a 6-Pack

Swim Your Way to a 6-Pack

It’s no secret that swimmers have amazing bodies.

Britain's swimmers 6 pack

Have you been swimming for years and don’t look like this?

Did you just start swimming and WANT to look like this?

The good news is that you CAN!

Olympic swimmers don’t all have superior muscles and genes, but what they do have in common is the hard work that they put into their swim workouts, gym routines, and diets. Follow their examples with these 3 helpful tips on how to start, and you’ll have a six-pack before you know it.

Swim Smart

swimming freestyle
Photo credit Simplyswim.com

The most efficient way to burn calories is using the right technique for each stroke. Focus on making your body as long and narrow as possible, rotating on a single axis through the water. Keep your head down and rotate your hips with each stroke.
If you aren’t sure what sets to swim, here are a few ideas of how to start.
Swimming burns fat like crazy, since you have to use almost all of the muscles in your body to propel yourself through the water.
While it will definitely tone your abs, you will start to feel the rest of your body become more defined as you swim more each week.

Lift Smart

One tip that you may not have heard is doing the rest of your gym workout BEFORE you get in the pool. Increasing your muscle fatigue and heart rate before your pool workout actually makes it more effective.

weighted ball side-bend
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Swimming when you’re already tired increases muscle stamina and uses oxygen more efficiently, causing you to burn more calories and fat in a shorter amount of time.
Lifting weights or doing dry land exercises every day before you swim optimizes your time in the water.
Whether you choose to work specifically on abs (such as crunches or sit-ups), getting your heart racing and your muscles working will benefit you later when you get in the pool!
Here is one workout routine for you to try in addition to your pool workouts. You can find lots more online specifically formulated for swimmers.

Eat Smart

No matter HOW much you exercise, if you have extra body fat on your stomach you won’t be able to see a six-pack. That’s why a healthy diet is very important.

heart shaped tomato
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If you aren’t used to exercising this much, you will probably feel hungrier than usual. Resist the urge to eat huge portions or snack on unhealthy treats. Instead eat multiple small snacks a day. Try to fill up on uncooked fruits and vegetables so that you can eat carbs when you really need them.
Eat lean meats, nuts, and whole-wheat grains for most meals, along with a few vegetable sides.
If you are serious about your six-pack, you’ll want to avoid desserts and sweets.
Remember, if you’re taking in more calories than you’re burning you won’t see any weight loss.

It Still Isn’t Working!

If you still feel flabby even though you think you’re doing everything write, it may be time for some inspiration.
There are lots of websites devoted to providing six-packs for their readers.
But a picture’s worth 1000 words…..
Just Google 6-pack, six-pack, shirtless Olympian, or male model if you forget what you’re aiming for. Some of them don’t look real, but pretend they are.  Don’t even try to search for ‘8-pack’….


Your Thoughts

What is your #1 tip or workout for getting a six-pack?  Does anyone have one?  Tell us how!

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