Saturday Swim Exercises: Abs

This week we are going to focus on building up your abdominal muscles. We all want to show off a nice toned midsection. Especially in the summer while we sit by the pool. And swimming is a great method of doing this.
Now, Ken doll abs might be slightly unrealistic. If this is your goal, I can’t help you. Because people are not made of plastic.
But I can give you a great tip to get some awesome definition! Your body has to work against resistance in any swimming activity- Because of the water. Which is great for building any muscle, really… ESPECIALLY YOUR ABS!

Dolphin Kick

The exercise that we are going to perform to tone our abs is the DOLPHIN KICK. Which kind of reminds me of a body roll in the pool.
All you dancers out there know what I’m talking about. And just like a series of body rolls, the dolphin kick is going to have your mid-section burning.
The dolphin kick is started by using your abdominal muscles. Since this is where it originates, your core is going to be engaged tremendously.

3 Main Dolphin Kick Positions

dophin kickYou can perform this kick in 3 separate ways: on your back with your face up out of the water, face down with a kick board, and even your side is a great position.
Each variation is going to work your core in a slightly different, very beneficial way.
So, if you have performed the face down dolphin kick for several minutes straight and want to mix it up, try one of the other 2 positions to give the exercise some variety.

45 degree angleTo Stay Streamlined or Not to Stay Streamlined

Over and over again we are told to “stay streamlined.” It’s a phrase that’s practically burned into our minds. Every swim technique pro is going to encourage this as a means to get greater speed while swimming.
However, the purposes of this exercise is not speed. At least not this time. All we care about right now are abs. So try out the dolphin kick at an angle too.
It will activate your core in a totally different way.

Try It Out!

Head to the pool today and try out the dolphin kick.
I dare you!
And let us know how it goes in the comment section below:

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