Chlorine Stench Removal Part#1

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We swimmers seem plagued to eternally smell of pool. Am I right? One minute, I’m having a grand ‘ole time swimming to music with my Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle. The next, I feel like I’m panicking while getting ready for work because I still smell like a weirdo. Well, I won’t stop trying to find a way to combat this problem.
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To remove the chlorine and chloramines from your skin after swimming (which are the smelly culprits) there are a couple of things you can try.

showerHot Shower

This is probably not a surprising tip seeing as it’s a pretty classic answer… Get in the shower at hottest temp you can stand and stay put for at least a couple minutes.
Next, wash up with soap, letting it sit on your skin and let the soap kind of dry on the surface. Then, rinse with hot water again.
If this classic method is not enough, prepare yourself for more extreme measures.

Prep Your Skin Prior to Your Swim

coconutoilWith this method, you coat your skin before you enter the pool to try and prevent the chlorine from adhering and drying on the skin.
How, you may ask? Apply coconut oil, olive oil or beeswax before hopping in.
After your swim you’re going to… you guessed it… take a hot shower!

President's_Choice_Club_SodaClub soda

This method is easy. You basically just rinse your entire body with some club soda and then take hot shower.
There is a scientific reason to how this works but I’m just going to explain it in layman’s terms. Chlorine leaves a layer or coating on the skin.
If you apply a substance with the right chemical components, this layer is more easily sloughed off and washed away. Of course, as always, the final step it to take a hot shower.

Good Luck

Hopefully you find these methods effective or at least amusing. For more strategies of removing chlorine stench, watch out for part 2.
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Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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