Did You Know: Play Modes

January 28, 2013 0 Comments

Ever wanted to listen to a specific song but couldn’t find it because your shuffle was playing in… well… shuffle mode?
Did you know that just because it’s called the iPod Shuffle doesn’t mean you have to listen to your music in a random order?  The waterproof iPod Shuffle has not one but TWO different modes for playing music, and isn’t two always better than one?
 -To listen to your music in shuffle mode, slide the power switch all the way to the left in the “on position”.  This will give you hours of music enjoyment while keeping you guessing as to which song comes next.  Enjoy days and days of your songs put together in a new and ever changing order each time you press play.
  -To listen to your music in order, the way you see it on iTunes, simply slide the same power switch to the middle.  This will still turn on your iPod but let you listen to your music in a predictable order each time, making it that much easier to find that one perfect song to get you pumped up!

Watch our video below to see it explained.

Follow this link to view the full length tutorial.

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Written by Samantha Bonine

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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