Saturday Swim Exercises: Glutes

Saturday Swim Exercises: Glutes

“Buns of steal” wouldn’t be a phrase if people didn’t actually care about the muscle tone of their gluteus maximus. So, let’s get real here… We all want toned buns!

So, “How do we get them?” you might ask… The answer is: SWIMMING! Swimming can help tone any part of your body. It is an awesome aerobic workout and there is plenty of resistance training included because it’s all done underwater. But which swim exercises will really target our bottoms and get them into shape?

Treading Water: Scissor Kick

Treading water is going to be a great lower body workout no matter what. But the best exercise for your glutes specifically is a very open scissor kick.
During each kick, try to create a 90 degree angle between your straight and lifted leg. To help you tread, hold your arms out to your sides and make circles with your hands.
This leg flexion and extension at the hip really activates your gluteal muscles.

Squating and Jumping

When performed on land, squats and jumps are great for your tush.
When performed in the pool, they are even better. The added water resistance sculpts those muscles even further.  Try to lunge as deep as you can in your squats.
And when you jump, try to really bend deep and then really straighten your legs and point your toes.

The “Surf’s Up”

Stand on a kick board in the pool. Even though the board will resist, push it to the bottom with your legs.
Then, lift your arms to your sides and “tread water with hands as you bring knees toward chest. Lower and repeat. Do 8 reps… This move will test your balance! To avoid wiping out, hinge forward from hips.”

Wear Fins

Strap on those fins and get to it! Wearing the fins creates more surface area around the bottom of your leg. This gives greater resistance with any movement you perform.
Whether you are swimming laps normally, treading water, or doing kick drills with a kick board, adding the the fins will really help work your glutes and all the muscles in your legs.

Now It’s Your Turn

What are your favorite exercises to tone your buns in the pool?
Or even on land?
I’m gonna need all the tips I can get because those sticky buns in the first photo are giving me a massive sugar craving…
Share your secrets in the comment section below:

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