NEW RELEASE! The Uku And The Clipi: A Match Made In The Pool

Uku and Clipi
There’s a new duo making their first appearance in the pool here at Underwater Audio: the Uku and the Clipi. These two devices work incredibly well together, bringing to you your music to make your swim session even better, and they are also capable of standing up on their own. So in light of our release of the Uku and the Clipi, let’s break down a couple of reasons why these two little products will make a big splash.

The Uku: Listen To It or Listen Through It

Let’s start with the Uku, as it has a lot of features to talk about. The Uku is a reliable and versatile device that can play well by itself or with others. The Uku is a waterproof, wireless receiver, and MP3 storage and playback device. It, in tandem with the Clipi (see below!), is the perfect device for the swimmer who wants to listen to their music or audio books on their Apple Watch while in or under the water.

Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, the Uku will still fit into your swim routine. That’s because on top of its ability to communicate wirelessly with most any smart device, watch or otherwise, it comes installed with internal storage for your personal playlist.


Since this is an Underwater Audio product, it would be safe to assume that something that we sell would be, in fact, waterproof. And that is absolutely correct, but it’s still worth noting that the Uku is waterproof to the point of meeting the waterproofing standard of IPX8 meaning that it will handily withstand submersion up to 10 feet underwater. Even if it gets dropped and falls to the bottom of the deep end of the pool, it’ll remain happily waterproof until you are able to get it back.

Wireless Functionality

As previously stated, the Uku is able to work with other devices extremely easily. In fact, the Uku is able to quickly pair up with just about any Bluetooth-capable smart device. That means that it’ll work with your phone, regardless of whether it’s Apple or Android, and your smart watch. Connect it wirelessly and in no time you’ll be listening to your downloaded music, your favorite Spotify playlist, podcasts, or that audio book that you haven’t been able to put down.

The wireless nature of the Uku also provides it a lot of flexibility. Since it works equally well in or out of the water, you can use it anywhere. You can connect it to your phone and avoid dealing with long headphone cables that get in the way while you run or bike. If you’re out in the rain and your phone isn’t waterproof, you can tuck it safely away in your bag or pocket and still be able to listen to your music. And, of course, it’s perfect for swimmers who are looking for a device to pair with their Apple Watch.

Internal Storage

Don’t want to use your smart device in the pool? Don’t worry, the Uku has you covered. The Uku was designed to work both as a wireless streaming device and as a stand-alone MP3 player. It has 8 GB of internal storage installed within the device. That’s enough space to hold up to 2000 songs or over 550 hours of audio books and podcasts. Needless to say, you won’t have to worry about having enough space for your swim playlists. In addition to its large storage capacity, the Uku is also able to, at the press of a button, switch your downloaded playlist between a Shuffle Mode that creates a randomized version of your playlist (Not recommended while listening to audio books) and a Loop Mode that repeats your playlist once you’ve reached the end.

Swiveling Clip

A device as versatile as the Uku is very good. A device as versatile as the Uku that can be worn anywhere is even better. That’s why, in keeping with the theme of versatility, the Uku comes with a clip mounted onto its back with a 360º swivel. Wherever you want to put it, at whatever angle you want to wear it, the Uku will fit how you want it to.

The Clipi


Simple, Sturdy Build

The Clipi is more than just a clip. The Clipi was created as an accessory mounting device for the Apple Watch models 2 and 3. It was designed with a simple but strong slide-in/slide-out locking mechanism. Once your watch is mounted onto the Clipi, it will stay in place – no matter how vigorous your exercise is.

Where You Go, Your Clipi Goes

The Clipi’s namesake clip is strong enough to hook on and stay on to wherever you want to put it. Whether it’s on your swimsuit, goggles, or an arm band, the Clipi will keep itself, and your Apple Watch, attached nice and tight. This will also allow you to keep your Apple Watch in close proximity to your Uku, giving you excellent sound quality while underwater.

Better Together

While both the Uku and the Clipi are excellent products on their own, they really begin to shine when paired together. While above water, the Uku has a very long range at which it can connect to another device, but when submerged under water, that distance shortens dramatically. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity has difficulty working when in the water. A signal that may normally have a range of several feet above water, gets drastically cut to only a few inches. Naturally, this would limit the usability of any wireless devices utilizing this kind of connection.

That’s why the shared clipping system allows them to be placed right next to each other – wherever it is that you want to place them. Being in such close proximity ensures that not even water will be able to ruin your sound quality.
Excited about the Uku and the Clipi? Go check them out by clicking here or following this link:

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