Ideal Fabrics for High Quality Swimwear

Did you know that back in the day, swimsuits were made out of heavy wool? The Women’s version looked like a dress too!
Lucky for us, these days we have many more options. We have the luxury of choosing a high quality fabric that offers comfort, serves purpose, provides structure, and dries quickly.
Here are the pros and cons of two most commonly used fabrics in swimwear:

Slither Into a Spandex Suit

Usually, spandex is used as part of a fabric blend in swimsuits because 100% spandex can be quite itchy. Still, it is true that spandex is the classic swimsuit fabric. It provides the stretchiness and smooth fit that we all know and love.
This ideal fit provides comfort and functionality while swimming. As a general rule, the higher the percentage of spandex, the more competitive and slimming your suit will be. You will be able to glide in the water with less friction because of the sleek, tightening fit.
Proper care and maintenance is needed to preserve the elasticity of the spandex. Always rinse out your suit after use because prolonged chlorine exposure breaks down the sketchiness.

Stay Clear of Cotton

Cotton Swimsuit

100% cotton swimsuits have more cons than pros. Typically this fabric will not hold up well to the strong chemical nature of chlorine and will degrade with repeated pool water exposure. Also, the fit is going to leave something to be desired.
Cotton doesn’t have the same type of stretch as many other fabrics so it won’t be as for fitting. This means it will be less durable, less comfortable, and less effective for fast swimming. A cotton blend with polyester, elastic or spandex will fit better. However, at the end of the day, this it the fabric I’d warn against for swim attire.

Underwater Audio

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