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This blog was created not only to inform our potential customers about the benefits of being able to listen to music in a waterproof way, but to give a space for our previous customers to share their testimonials and experiences using our waterproof iPod.
From humble beginnings,  Underwater Audio has emerged as a leading authority on the waterproof iPod.  Despite opposition and competition in the market, Underwater Audio surged forward with a single idea to make swimming more enjoyable for everyone.  After painstakingly long hours and many broken iPods, the owners perfected an intricate process of sealing the iPod from the inside out.  The result?  A highly durable electronic that lets you take your music library with you in and under the water.  Being tested down to 100 feet it is the perfect companion in the ocean, the swimming pool, or even on a rainy day run.  Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod has been sold to thousands all over the country, and is starting to emerge in the international marketplace.
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Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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