Weirdest Waterproof Items in Stores

Since we sell waterproof iPod shuffles and headphones, we decided to take a look around and see what other waterproof things you could buy- if you wanted.
WP Tux
Ted Baker’s Party Animal Tuxedo
Made of Teflon, this suit is waterproof, stain proof, and wrinkle free. This tuxedo is ready for any occasion—be it a jump in the pool or a spilled glass of wine.
These Dosh wallets will keep your cards and banknotes safe and dry through any downpour or kayak flip.
Playing Cards
These are cheap and often come in clear plastic too. Now you can play Go Fish with friends in the pool!
waterproof lights
LED Lights
Brookstone offers a variety of LED color-changing shapes for your garden or pool. They’re cordless and some of them even float making them great for parties.
Ping-Pong Table
Also from Brookstone, this table allows you to bring your ping-pong skills into the pool. You can also find accessories for several other pool games on their website.

waterproof ping pong

This one seems to be quite a hit—Aqua Notes offers a notepad for the shower. The paper is completely waterproof but can still be written on with a normal pencil. As they say “No more great ideas down the drain.” I’m not sure where you’re supposed the keep the pencil though…
Mermaid Tails
waterproof mermaid tail
This one was a surprise, mostly because it was the #10 hit when typing “Buy waterproof…” into Google search. It turns out there are many companies that sell wearable/swimmable mermaid (and merman) tails. They range in quality, all the way up to quite realistic, like these ones. You can also get children’s sizes to let those little girls live out their dreams.
Power Strip
This ones not really weird, but useful. Wet Circuits says they sell the safest power strip. It’s safe from water, children, overheating and sparks. While it’s shown drenched in water, they note it is not for use underwater. Let’s just hope the electronics plugged into it are also waterproof!
waterproof bike seat
Bike Seat

Another useful item, the Drain Saddle is a bicycle seat designed not to get wet. While not strictly waterproof, it’s designed with draining holes so the water doesn’t stay on the seat. This means you can ride in the rain without worries of wet pants.
Ultra-Ever Dry
This internet video had become quite the sensation. The product is a waterproof coating you can apply to virtually anything. The marketing says it is a super hydrophobic (like scared of water) coating that repels water. This blog put the stuff to the test in a variety of ways. Whatever the end result, the video sure looks cool
What interesting waterproof items have you seen?

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