An Honest Review of Sony Waterproof Headphones and MP3 Player

It’s no secret that swimmers of all ages use waterproof music players to listen to their favorite songs while swimming.
The dilemma most swimmers face is which system to choose… There are many options to choose from when looking into purchasing a waterproof music player.
Sony’s main advantage is its extremely well known brand. Everyone knows Sony and their reputation in the music player industry. Before the iPod, the Walkman dominated in this space.
Do Sony’s waterproof headphones live up to the Walkman reputation? The music system has a 3.6 star rating on Amazon. The sound playback has received the most negative attention.
What do they sound like? Well, not bad. But not great either. The NWZ-W273 provided a respectable amount of bass (something you want in a set of workout headphones so that you can keep a cadence while running or pumping iron) with decent mid-range and high-end sound too. Unfortunately, when confronted with tonally complex music, the NWZ-W273 can make things sound a little washed out.
This brings us back to the point that was mentioned earlier. Choosing the lowest price option isn’t always the best. Sometimes it’s priced low for a reason. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is brought to mind. SWPH
Unfortunately, while you can use them while you’re swimming, you probably won’t want to. The volume and quality of sound you’ll get out of the NWZ-W273 is diminished almost to the point of inaudibility as soon as you dive into the pool.
Sometimes you may be on a limited budget and that has a big factor in which option you ultimately go with. To be clear, Sony’s waterproof headphones and music player isn’t horrible. It’s a satisfactory product, it is just not top of the line.

Underwater Audio

If you are looking for a more durable and professional model, then you may want to look into Under Water Audio’s Waterproof Shuffle. This model has more advantages to Sony’s and is a longer lasting system. It’s price reflects it’s value. This option is especially desirable to more frequent swimmers.
For those who swim for exercise, the price of entry is totally worth it, as case and bag solutions are bulky and cumbersome to wear in the water. Underwater Audio’s waterproofing technique leaves the shuffle untouched, allowing for maximum in-water wearability while maintaining access to button controls. UA
When you are swimming laps or practicing to beat your own personal record, the last thing you want is something big and bulky that is going to make it a hassle.
The point of having a music player is to benefit you and motivate you to push yourself. If you are constantly fumbling with a bulky inconvenient device, then you probably won’t be able to reach your full potential. This unit is sleek and easy to access.

Buy the Best Device For You

Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to a few things to consider when choosing which waterproof system is right for you.
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