Winter Swimming Improves Your Memory!

We rely on our memories for so much!
In fact, we often take it for granted until we really sit down and think about it. Or unless we start to lose it!
We rely on our memories for everything we do…

We rely on our memories for everything

So many important and mundane things in our lives function on one cognitive ability: memory.
…Remembering what groceries to buy, driving, tying our shoes, remembering our kids names, remembering who we are… Our entire personalities are based on having an intact memory…
Feeling like you are loosing your memory can be the scariest thing in the world. But there are things you can do to strengthen this ability. And one of them is SWIMMING.

Swimming Improves Memory Function

Studies are being conducted all the time to see what can improve cognitive function. Probably because it’s such an important topic that so many people care about.
Recently, a study was conducted to see the physiological effects of people who take cold bathes everyday. When compared to a control groupThey report to have a better memory function.
When it comes to reaping the benefits of this study, taking a cold bathe is essentially no different than taking a dip in a cold pool or lake. So, not only is swimming everyday a great cardiovascular and strength training exercise, it also is great for your mind!

Don’t Forget Your Waterproof iPod

iPod ShuffleSwimming can be more fun now than ever before!
With Underwater Audio’s Waterproof iPod Shuffle, you can listen to music as you swim your laps in the pool. Believe me, it is so much more enjoyable than looking up at the clock as your only source of entertainment.
Not to mention how much better of a workout I get. And how much more relaxing the process is!
The beats per minute in the music really influence the pace at which you swim. So, pick an upbeat playlist and have the time of your life!

Comments or Questions

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Thanks and enjoy your swim!


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