How to Learn to Swim as an Adult

Swimming is a blast. Whether you’re in a pool, at a swim park, or out on a lake, it’s great! Having a chance to feel weightless as you move through the water is an experience everyone should have.
But what happens if you never learned to swim? Are you just out of luck?
Will you never know the joy of screaming as you fly down the water slide?
No one should miss out on all the joys of knowing how to swim. So, let me tell you how to learn to swim, or at least give you somewhere to start.

Overcoming the fear

Often the reason many people don’t want to learn to swim is because they have had some kind of water-trauma.
For one reason or another they are scared. So, here is my recommendation: start small.
You shouldn’t feel like you have to jump into the deep end of the pool and sink or swim. That is just going to reinforce the trauma.
Start as small as you need to. Then go deeper. I recommend the kid pool.
It may sound funny but the kid pool is always very shallow. It will allow you to get comfortable without feeling like you’re going to go under.
Getting a swim teacher will also help you with the fear because you will know that there is someone watching out for you.

get comfortable

When learning to swim, it’s important to be as comfortable as you can be.
You are going to be doing something kind of scary and the last thing you want to worry about is whether you bought the right shorts or goggles.
So, find swimwear that fits comfortably with out slipping or falling off. A little snug here and there never hurt anyone. And you don’t want to low ride your swim trunks because that is embarrassing for everyone.
When swimming, you’re going to get your face in the water at some point so find a good pair of goggles that fit well but do not pinch. If you want to make sure they don’t leak, try them in the shower.
I am all for you feeling as comfortable as possible. So, if you feel like you want to use a kick board to help you float or fins to help you stay stable, then go for it.
The more comfortable you are, the less likely you are to panic as you start swimming.

Progression is the key

Now, like I said before, learning to swim will be easier with a teacher. A teacher will help you progress faster. If you want to get started though, then start slow.
Most pools have steps, so use them as your easing-in point. As you feel more comfortable, move down another step, and then another, until you’re in.
Try different things like putting on your goggles and putting your head in the water for a second while holding onto the side of the pool. You can also try kicking while holding onto the side to give you a stable hand hold.
Once you get to the point of kicking on the side, get a teacher who can start to show you different strokes and soon you will be swimming like a champ.

a final word

Learning to swim can be fun.
But please be sure to do it safely!
Once you get more experienced, you can even swim around to music. All you need is an awesome Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle. Take your time and you will do great. If you have any comments please leave them below and enjoy the pool.

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