Underwater Ambassador: Jackie Bunce

Underwater Ambassador: Jackie Bunce

Meet Jackie, one of our amazing 2022 Ambassadors!

Watch her story or read it below to find out how she came to enjoy swimming!

Jackie's Story:

“Good morning y'all! This is Jackie, just getting ready for my morning swim. I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and my experience.

I never really grew up swimming for sport. I did grow up swimming to learn how to swim, to save your life. We always had a pool in our backyard and we just played in the water.

It wasn't anything that we really did for exercise. 

I grew up in Colorado and Colorado had mountains, obviously. And so, we hiked mountains, skied, & snowboarded.

I left Colorado and moved to Texas. And, there's just flat flatland there.

I didn't really know what to do. 

So... I learned how to swim for sport and started into becoming a triathlete. And, it was a lot of fun. I loved biking because it was like mountain biking growing up. 

But, I hated the swim.

I didn't like to put my face down in the water. And just didn't really enjoy the swim component of it. 

Trying to learn how to swim as an adult was the hardest part for me. 

What really helped me was the music. My husband bought me a device and I started swimming and it really helped me immensely.

And I recommend swimming with music all the time now. Underwater Audio has a device that lasted for years for me. 

The SYRYN is what I use and it’s very easy to use, very easy to download music and it came with different earplugs. 

The first time I swam with it, one earpiece kept popping out of my ear, but I ended up using different earplugs. They have all these different ear attachments you can try and find the one that fits in your ears perfectly. 

Highly recommend it! I hope you give Underwater audio a try and enjoy swimming with music too! Have a good day!”

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