3 Tricks to Perfecting the Backstroke

Whether you are a professional swimmer or not, chances are you have tried the backstroke. After all, it is one of the most recognized swimming techniques.
But how do you achieve the perfect backstroke?
There are many factors that contribute to this. You must consider your entire body: your head, arms, legs, feet and breathing. The backstroke requires you to do all these things simultaneously. Here are some tips and tricks to help you perfect your backstroke.

Body position

Your body position plays a big role in the backstroke. It is important to lie on your back as flat as possible and stay as close as you can to the surface of the water.
Stay streamlined. Imagine you’re pushing your stomach up towards the ceiling. Make sure you are not arching your back. Your face should be pointing up towards the ceiling.
Your head and neck should be relaxed, it is critical that you don’t tense up your neck or muscles. Let the water support your body and this will help you stay towards the surface.

Arms, Shoulders & legs

You must also consider your arms, shoulders and legs. Your arms should be fully extended and rotate in a circular motion much like how a windmill moves. As one arm is extended out of the water, the other arm should be underwater paddling backwards.
As your arm that is underwater emerges towards the surface, your opposite arm should be entering the water and begin moving backwards underwater. Your legs should be in sync with your arms, fluttering as you kick up and down. Keep your toes pointed away from your body.
This technique uses your feet like a paddle and helps you move more water, thus having a stronger kick and increases your speed.


The last thing you should focus on is breathing. Although your mouth is out of the water during the backstroke, you mustn’t forget to breath throughout the exercise.
Your breathing should be in sync with your strokes and stay consistent the entire time. It is best if you can inhale as one arm is extended up in the air and exhale as it lowers into the water.
There’s an old saying “Practice makes perfect” and this is no exception when it comes to swimming. The more you consistently practice these techniques, the faster you will improve. You will be on your way to achieving the perfect backstroke in no time! Want to learn more? Check out our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Swimming.

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