Under the Sea: Cool Places to Listen to Music Underwater!

I remember having to buy a huge cd book and lug it around wherever I went so I could listen to music wherever I wanted. I lost more cds that way than any other. But hey, when you want to listen to Green Day’s “Dookie” album on top of a mountain, then you have to do the heavy lifting.

I was so stoked when I got my first iPod and could take my music library with me and listen to music wherever I wanted… with one exception. I couldn’t take it under water. But that is no longer a barrier ether.

With Underwater Audio’s waterproofed iPod shuffle and waterproof earphones, I can listen to my music LITERALLY anywhere. So here are a few “underwater” places that I want to go and listen to music.


Nemo 33

Nemo 33…
Is the COOLEST and SCARIEST swimming pool ever.
It was built  as a place to learn how to scuba and is the world’s largest swimming pool.
This place has everything you could want. It has underwater caves and in one spot you can go down 113 feet.
Now that is a DEEP END.
So, next time you’re in Belgium take your underwater audio waterproofed shuffle and headphones and enjoy a day at the pool.

Homestead-CraterHomestead Crater

So, if pools aren’t your thing, then I think it would be fun to listen to music while swimming in the Homestead Crater.

This cavern is located in Midway, Utah and is a great place to relax. And who wouldn’t want to swim in a giant cave in nice cozy 90 degree water.

You can swim or snorkel if you want… But me, I’m floating while I listen to Enya (I know that’s not manly but it’s calming so there you go) and let the stress float away.


The 40 Foot

If crazy deep pools and warm caves aren’t your thing then come with me.

At the tip of Dublin bay there is a place where all the locals go for a swim in the ocean year round… in fact the colder the water, the better.

They think it’s good for you.

It’s called the 40 Foot. With deep water to jump in and waves to splash in, this is a great place… I’d love to swim, play and rock out to the Chieftains on my waterproof ipod shuffle (gotta love those bagpipes).


Bringing It Home

So whether it’s deep pools… or caves… or bracing cold waves… or just the comfort of your own shower…
with Underwater Audio’s Waterproof iPod Shuffle, you can enjoy your music anywhere you want!
Where are some of your favorite places underwater to rock out?
Leave your comments below:

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