How to Protect Your Shoulder When You Swim

Shoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries from swimming.
Whether it’s a strain from overuse, poor form or something more serious, shoulder injuries can be prevented. So, to keep you off the injured list, here are a few things to think about as you train:


Shoulder protection starts before you get to the pool.
Knowing that shoulder injuries are a common problem for swimmers, I would recommend spending some time in the weight room working on your shoulder strength and endurance.
Doing workouts like shoulder shrugs and shoulder extensions will give you better endurance and help prevent a lot of injuries down the road.


The quickest way to injure your shoulder in the pool is to have poor form. Bad form not only wears you out faster but also will put strain on your shoulders. That can lead to injury!
When you’re swimming, spend time working on your form and don’t try to swim faster then your good form will allow.
Don’t swim longer than or harder than your body will allow. Listen to what your body is saying and watch your form.
If you practice good form, then when it comes time to compete your body won’t let you down. It will know what to expect. One of the best ways to keep good form and swim rhythm is to listen to music.
I would recommend the iPod shuffle from Underwater Audio. It is totally waterproof and when you use the swim bud waterproof earphones with it, you will get a great listening experience while you swim.


After a hard swim the best thing you can do to prevent shoulder injuries and to help cut down the stiffness you may feel is to stretch it out.
There are a lot of great shoulder stretches you can do but my favorite is the across the body stretch.
It always feels great and leaves me feeling much looser after. Remember a stretched shoulder is a happy shoulder.

ONe last thing

Shoulder injuries are no joke. So, please try and use some of these tips to protect your shoulder so you can go on swimming like a champ.
If you have any other thoughts on how to prevent shoulder injuries when you swim, please leave them in the comment section below.

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