Monofins: The "Swim Like A Mermaid" Fin

Have you ever dreamt of what it would be like to swim like a mermaid? Even if just for a moment? I know I have and, believe it or not, still do! What if I told you there is a way to try it out?
Monofins are setting the world (and water) on fire! Shaped like a mermaid fin and covered in high performance neoprene, the custom molded insert is what makes the monofin hold its mermaid shape while providing the awesome propulsion experience of a fin.
The Monofin was created to go along with Fin Fun Mermaid Tails (which are Mermaid tails you put on in swim around in, aka every girl’s dream!) to give the mermaid tail the most realistic look and movement as possible.  Mermaid Monofins
They come in 14 different colors in a wide range of sizes so children and adults can enjoy them! The new and improved Monofins are light and comfortable so you can swim without the extra weigh holding you down.
Although these Monofins fit comfortably and securely, feet can also come out easily with a light tug. The best part is that it gives complete flexibility to all sizes of feet! It also provides a more realistic fin as it naturally covers your feet so you can hardly tell there are feet inside. They don’t have the extra bulkiness that can ruin the illusion of being a real mermaid, as some of the other models and brands. The Monofins are so comfortable and lightweight they are practically undetectable!
Monofins make a great gift for any occasion and people of all ages! You don’t have to be a child to enjoy Monofins and swim fast a free like a Mermaid! What do you think about Monofins?

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